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1-110 (Raw)

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Official Correspondence
Mitchell Library, 1847
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Government House Sydney, New South Wales, 25 February 1807
I have, without any opportunity until now by the Lady Nelson to answer them, received Your letters of the 27 Dec last, of the 1st and of the 7th Instant.
I wrote to you by the news schooner but am surprised you have not acknowledged the receipt of the Dispatch, & therefore fearful some accident may have suppressed to her; by this opportunity I send a duplicate.
In your second Paragraph you state, that altho you had permission for the building a vessel, yet the persons clearly understood that such permission was subject to my approval. - had you prevented the vessel being begun to be built before my approval was obtained, then all would have been right; but you allow the act to be done which is unlawful, & then ask to legalize the proceeding. This is surely contrary to my spirit of your Instructions, and must be avoided in future; 
With respect to the Harvest, it can only be lamented; but surely the Corn being blighted is no proof there is a want of change of seed, as whatever wheat had been sown would have survived the same injury: however we shall send you what we can, but you must bear in mind that the sufferings of want of the Poor People here, have been far beyond what has been felt at Norfolk Island. - as the other settlements are likewise in peak distress, I have to attend to them also; therefore you will see the necessity of growing potatoes & every substitute for bread, & husbanding[?] the little grain I now send you.
In your fourth paragraph you state that you have been obliged to have recourse to the Salted Pork intended for the settlements, & of your issuing mutton; but as you have omitted to send me a state of the settlement including all provisions belonging to the Crown; I am prevented from knowing exactly what you have; but no doubt you will be economical in the use of government stock, & purchase nothing but what is absolutely necessary.
By your fifth Paragraph, you state you have gained a peak advantage by striking off the store 3 Men, 3 Women, & 57 Children however[?] it appears they might and should have been put off before, & to circumstances of this nature I have to call your particular attention, and to lessen the expence Government is at, by every means in your favour.
With respect to your 7th Paragraph I have to desire you will inform the settlers that I have received their memorial, and acceded to their request, and therefore do authorize you to take their wheat until the next wheat harvest 10 / per Bushel, maize at 5 / per Bushel, & Pork at 6[?] per lb. provided they are always ready & willing on all occasion to comply with the demands you may make for the support of government People.
In Stanfield's case in your 8th paragraph, I will not interfere more than by sending Governor King's answer thereto; or in any Case during his or former Governors administration, the regular rules of Law & equity must decide them [?] the Patent emurn which you hold for the administering the Government of the Island.
The sentences of the Men which you require are sent herewith.
Your additional representation of the failure of the crops by your letter of the 1st Instant adds to my [?], & as I have already stated, send you the present relief which lies in my power.
In your second Paragraph you state that Mr. Kayes offers you for Government 16.000 lbs of Pork on condition of the said quantity being delivered from these stores to his agent. You will naturally suppose this cannot be complied with, and I have to request you will not suffer such a quantity or any to be sent from the Island, while you feel the alarming symptoms of want, which you so strongly depict to me - then again, I feel your remissness in not sending me the state of the Island.
By your 3rd Paragraph you state that you have sent vouchers for the purchase of swines flesh & mutton between the 11th of September and 31 of December 1806 for the use of the Crown, and requesting the necessary order to draw for the amount.
In answer to this I have to inform you that in consequence of your letter of the 4th of October last, I gave you an order to draw & liquidate the vouchers then sent between the 13 August & 30 September 1806. But as these take in one month of the time which you now request to draw for, I cannot grant you permission until this error is accounted for and cleared up.
In your last paragraph you say you have allowed three free Men to return to this Colony. To this I have to direct, that in future, no persons are to be permitted to leave the Island but with a List stating who & what they are, and upon what account they come here, which List is to be signed & approved by Yourself.
Your letter of the 7th is fully answered by my preceding paragraphs, and I hope the supplies now sent you will be a seasonable relief, which with what you have already may enable you to go to full allowance.
I have now only to inform you that the 4th & 5th paragraphs of my letter No. 3 of the 20th Oct last respecting the power I gave you to send salted Pork to the Derwent or Port Dalrymple, is hereby annulled & rendered of no Effect; and in place thereof any quantity that can be purchased according to my letter of the 30th December last is to be reserved for my disposal.
Mr. Commissary Palmervill herewith send you an account of what we have been able to procure.
I request you will send me a state of the Island on all opportunities.
I am Sir, Your most obedient, humble Servant