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1-109 (Original)

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author,female,Catchpole, Margaret,45 addressee,family
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Mitchell Library, 1847
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January the 28 1807
my Dear uncle and aunt,
this ship hav Binn so long a bout saven this Collen But it is now a-Bout it and i am happey to inform that i am in Charmen helth and happey at this an hopping my Dear uncle and aunt this will find you all in good health i hop and all my Dear Cussones. and i pray to God to keep you all from such a wicked Countrey as this for a-Bout a fortnight agoo a man Burnt a poor woman to dead he cut 2 or 3 holes in har head But it ded not a-Cason har death for he Burnt the poor Crater to dead Becaues she said mary smith went to see after sum thinges that he stolen from her sum time agoo. it is a very dangres Countrey. But Bliss God i tak grat kear of my self i mind that my Compeney is Good allways Better than my self and if any thing i Got smarter than ever i dead i Look pretty well But i hav Lorst one of my frunt teeth and a good maney of them are a Brokin away all my hopes is to se you and my Dear Cussones. i Giv fifteen shillenes for a par of black spannesh shose and the same for a par of Cotton stockenes thinges are very Deear ouer harvest is onely one month over and wheat is sellen for twenty fiv shillenes par Buchell all readey i hop thinges are not so Dear with you wood is Giten very Deear fiv shillenes a Cart Lood with one hors one and six pences for a weelbarrow Lood and one Can Goo and Git it that Like But it a Grat way of a very Bad Crop of wheat this sason times will Goo very hard with us next winter i am a fraid. i hop if i Com home aney moor i shall be worth By this time two year i hop two hundred pound and then i will Cum by sum heand or a nother i am not at a Loss in no part of the world i am as Supell as ever thay say i am Lik a young woman for strewen nimbell.
all my aquantences are my Betters i dod very well Bless God for it and i am much oblig to you for the newes you sent me and hop you will send me all you Can. i hav seen the newes paper of Lord Chedwick Death and will. hear is a woman that was in Ipswich a Bout 2 year a Goo har mothear Liv a Tutham and her name is haggears and she and i are very sosebell she toul me of the grat altrkashon in that place. you may rember me to Mr. Clubb and tell him i shead his Daughter Mary Ann Smith with my letter and she was very pleased and tould me when i did wright to give har Lov to you and to Leet you know she was well and that i hav to say she might a Binn as well of as aney woman in this Countrey if it was not for the Drink a drop of rum she Lik to har heart Lik har farthear But she is doing very well she want for nothing for i hav Binn in hear houes and she Liv at Parramatta i hav all wayes seen har ever since i went to the Countrey. my dear uncle pray giv my Lov to them that ask after me and to all that have asked after and tell them i am all the sam as ever and to my uncle and aunt and Cusons Ledder and your selves and ma Dear Cusones and grat happeness it giv me to hear thare are so stedey and to Giv you so much Comfort in your old Dayeas.
So no more at this time, from your 
Loven Cuson, Margreat Catchpole
this is in December 1806 wheat is sellen at this time for fewer pound par Bushell times are very Bad
My Dear uncle our wrighten paper is six pences a sheet
it is a wondfull Countrey for to have Children in. Very old women hav them that never had non Before