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1-108 (Raw)

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author,female,Putland, Mary,un addressee,female
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Clarke, 1992
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Papa is quite well, but dreadfully harrassed by business & the troublesome set of people he has to deal with, in general he gives great satisfaction but there are a few that we suspect wish to oppose him; as yet they have done nothing openly, tho' it is known their Tools have been at work some time; that is they are trying to find something in Papas conduct to write home upon, but which I am sure, from his great circumspection they will not be able to do with honor to themselves. Mr. [John] McArthur is one of the party; the others are the Military Officers, but they are all invited to the house & treated with the same politeness as usual.
I wish I could tell you that Putland is as well as my Father; since you last heard from us he has been continually ailing, & has had every symptom of a Consumption, for these two months past he has been confined to his room, but is now I trust in God gradually recovering:
you may suppose he has required my whole attention & that except a dinner party now & then of eight or ten persons, we have not had any - In May Papa sent him to Norfolk Island as a sea passage was much recommended but it was not of any service to him his Surgeon is a clever man & tells me I need not make myself at all uneasy, therefore I beg my dear Mama you will not do either; before my next I trust he will be much recovered.
I cannot express how much we were delighted with Betsey's Picture; we think it the strongest likeness that can possibly be taken & the Drawing beautifully done: we can never repay & convey the pleasure it has given us. It is a long time since we have had any arrival from England or India, the Colony is in great distress for articles from the latter country; but nothing would do my spirits as much good just now as letters from you my dear Mama & another Picture - Putland joins with me in affec. love to you, my dear sisters, & Henry, a letter from Papa will accompany this, so I need not say more for him than that it is astonishing to me how he gets through the multiplicity of business he does without impairing his health - That this may find you all in health & happiness.