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Howe, 1806
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Abridgement of General Orders
Published by Authority in March 1806
Abbreviations- For P. read penalty- for forf. read forfeiture; for M. read Magistrate; and for B.M. Bench of Magistrates.
Agreements- not cognizable unless written and registered; being witnessed by one person not a prisoner, Nov. 13 1800.
Apprentices and Deserters- forbid to be harboured or inveigled- p. 6 months hard labour exclusive of penalties by law ordained, if free; and if a prisoner, 100 lashes with other penalties at discretion of a Bench. Sept. 22, 1804.
Arms and Ammunition- prohibited to be landed without permit; p. forf. of bond and charter party. July 24, 1802.
Assault- every description of persons to obtain redress by action or indictment; and persons beating prisoners assigned them to forfeit such future indulgence. May 5, 1803.
Assignments- not cognizable unless drawn up at the Judge Advocate's Office, and registered. Feb. 26, 1802.
Bakers- to make bread of one quality only; viz. 24lbs of bran to be taken from 100lbs of wheat; to charge 4d in money, or 2.5 lbs of wheat for a loaf weighing 2lbs. 1 ounce when new, and 2lbs. If one day old- P. 5£. & otherwise at discretion of a Bench, May 8, 1801, and Feb 17, 1804. (Note- In litigations relative to the above charges no other than the sterling value of money is to be considered- for which see the article Specie) [38] 
Bakers- to pay no more than 1s per bushel for grinding wheat into flour. Feb. 17, 1804.
Barrack Bedding & Furniture- prohibited to be purchased- p. indictment for receiving stolen goods; Mar 14, 1801.
Boats- belonging to individuals to land only at the hospital wharf, unless by permission- p. seizure. Feb. 6, 1804.
 --- - forbid to convey spirits without permit- p. seizure. Oct. 24, 1801.
 --- - employed in the Hawkesbury trade not to depart from thence or from Sydney without 3 days notice of departure- In case of attack to cut away masts, and run on shore; and to be provided with an axe or tomahawk- p. exemplary punishment. Nov. 9, 1800.
 --- - those on the River Hawkesbury to be numbered, registered, and chained at night- and not to be rowed about after dark- p. confiscation.
 --- - not to convey any person on board a vessel after notice of departure, without permission from the Governor or Officer in Command; p. forf. the boat to informer, and 5£ to Orphans. Nov. 19, 1802.
 --- - required to be all registered and numbered. p. forf. to Orphans. Nov. 19, 1802.
 --- - forbid being in Cockle Bay or Farm Cove, either ashore or afloat, after sunset; p. forf. to the Crown-- and all boats to be moored within the hospital wharf & hulk. Aug. 31, 1803.
 --- - conveying grain from Hawkesbury. No grain to be put into an open boat or one that is not trustworthy, or no complaint of damage therefrom cognizable; but if more grain be received than consistent with safety, the master to make good all loss or damage, lose the freight, and pay 5£ to Orphans; and 5£ also to Orphans, should grain appear to have been wetted to increase its weight or measure- B.M. Feb. 21, 1804.
British Seamen forbid shipping in foreign vessels during the war- p. 40£. Bench of Magistrates. Aug. 11, 1804.
Butchers- none to vend carcase meat but such as are licensed- p. 5£, and imprisonment 1 year. - Licensed butchers to enter into recognizances to observe as follows- not to kill any breeding flock, nor to send live stock or carcase meat on board vessels without permission; to deliver to the Governor a weekly return of stock killed, purchased, and sold; not to demand more than 1s. 8d. per lb. for beef, 1s. per lb. for mutton, & 8.5d. per lb. for pork; [39] and not to sell meat by the joint, but by weight- p. forf. of license and Recognizances, the latter to informer. Bench of Mag. Oct. 14, 1804. (Payment to be regulated by the sterling value of money, for which see Specie.)
Cedar growing at Hawkesbury not to be cut down or removed without permission- P. confiscation, with that also of the cart or boat removing it, to public use. April 2, 1802.
Centinels- to oblige every person (except an Officer), to advance when challenged; and to confine every person who presumes to answer "Officer" without authority. Dec. 14, 1804.
 --- - when stores, &c. are to be placed in charge of a centinel, application must be made to the Serjeant of the Guard, from whom he is to receive instructions- otherwise the centinel not accountable. Nov. 12, 1803.
Certificates- No person to be employed unless he produces his certificate if a freeman, or his ticket of leave of a prisoner- P. employer to pay 5£. and 2s. 6d. for each day the man has been employed- and should he prove to be a prisoner without permission, P. 20£ and 2s. 6. per diem to Orphans. B.M. Aug. 4, 1804.
 --- - to persons about to depart the colony will not be granted unless their names be published one week previous to leaving the cove. March 30, 1805.
Colonial vessels- to be registered; and pay Fees to Orphans, for Register 10s. for Permission to got to Botany Bay or Hawkesbury 2s. for Re-entry 2s. to go beyond Broken or Botany Bay 5s. Re-entry 5s. Oct. 15, 1800.
 --- - clearing for or from any dependent Settlement prohibited taking any person on board unless authorised- P. forf. of bond and recognizance. B.M. Sept. 27, 1804.
 --- - not to be allowed a clearance with more than 80 gallons of spirits for 26 men; 50 gallons for 18 men; 30 gallons for 12 men; and 18 gallons for 6 men, if going on a sealing or whaling voyage. June 16, 1805.
 --- - person having families not to enter on board, unless provision be made by the owners for their families while absent- the owners to find security also to return such persons when their engagement expires. [40] Owners to maintain their men while on shore, or the latter may relinquish their contract. Sept. 5, 1805.
Colonial vessels- Owners to provide sufficient provisions for the support of their men. P. by civil action. Sept. 5, 1805.
 --- - not to depart for oiling and sealing until bonds be entered into by the owners, binding themselves in 500£ and two Sureties in 50£ each, to perform as follows- - To take no person without permission and regular notice of departure; - to obtain a clearance; - not to navigate beyond the Limits; namely, 10° 37' and 43° 39' S. and 135° E. from Greenwich; - not to entice seamen or entertain deserters; - to provide sufficient provisions for the support of their men; - not to break bulk until entered and the fees paid; not to authorise strange vessels taking away British subjects from the gangs; - not to purchase or receive more than 26 gallons of spirits from any vessel they may meet without the Governor's permission. Sept. 29, 1805.
Constables- forbid releasing persons taken in charge until discharged by a Magistrate. May 14, 1802.
Convicts not to employ others to do their work; to which all overseers are strictly to attend- P. at discretion of Magistrates. Oct 3, 1800.
 --- - not to strike or be struck by free persons- P. 200 lashes the prisoner and gaol gang 12 months; a free-man to pay 40s. for first offence, and be bound over; & for 2d offence 5£, and security doubled. Feb. 19, 1802.
 --- - Those assigned to be of no expence whatever to the Crown. June 11, 1801.
 --- - Their persons not attachable for debt. Au. 8, 1801.
 --- - Those taken off the stores to be employed on their master's grounds only, and in no case be permitted on their own hands, or let to hire; P- to Orphans, the master to pay 10£, and 2s. 6. for each day the servant has been absent from public labour; B.M. Jan. 12, 1802.
Convict servants- not to be beaten by their masters; who are to complain to a Magistrate when necessary, on pain of forfeiting such future accommodation. Mar. 5, 1803.
 --- - Those off the store not to charge exorbitant prices for their labour (for Regulations in which see Labour), or otherwise misbehave. P. recalled, & other punishment according to offence. Aug. 4, 1804.
 --- - Masters to clothe, and maintain them with a ration equal to that issued by Government; [41] to provide for them a sheltered lodging; the servant to work in his own time for his maser in preference to any other person, and never absent himself without leave; in case of misbehaviour the master is to prefer his complaint to a magistrate, who will order punishment as the case shall require. Persons secreting or employing such servants during Government hours will be punished for a breach of Public Orders on that [?]. Jan. 6, 1804.
Convict Servants - Those indented for not to be suffered on their own hands; P. the master to pay 2s. 6d. per diem, and 1s. for each day the servant shall be discharged before the term indented for expires. Ibid.
Copper Coin - Importation and exportation above 5£ prohibited; p. treble the value. Also; 5£ and not above a legal tender. Nov. 19, 1800. For local value see Specie.
Creek Bridge - Tolls as follow: Each foot passenger 4d. or 10s. per ann.; each horse, single or in draught 2s. 6d. or 2l. 10s. per annum: - waggons or 4 wheel carriages with not more half a ton lading, 1s. 6d. or 1l. 10s. per annum; - a cart or carriage with 2 wheels, laden or not, 1s. 6d. or 1l. 10s. per an. - Sheep under a score 2d. each; and by the score 2s. 6d. or 2l. 10s. per ann. - Swine or Goats the same as sheep. - Passengers, horses, carts, and carriages to pass and repass the same day with one ticket. May 25, 1802, and March 7, 1806.
Cur Dogs - such as are dangerous to stock or apt to fly at horses to be destroyed; and if damage be sustained the owner of the dog to forfeit a treble amount. Feb. 17, 1801.
Debts - Wheat & live stock at Government prices a legal tender, Jan. 7, 1801.
 --- of deceased Persons - Priority of claims for: 1st, medical attendance; 2d, debts and duties to the King; 3rd, judgments; 4th, recognizances; 5th, rents; 6th obligations, bill final and protested; 7th, single bills; 8th, wages; 9th, book debts, &c. Dec 15, 1800.
Deeds, Bonds, &c. - to be executed by the Judge Advocate as Notary Public; individuals prohibited the exercise of any part of such office; p. removal. June 2, 1805.
Deserters - see Apprentices.
Detainer - Applications respecting such to be made in writing at the Secretary's Office. April 7, 1805.
Detainers - to be lodged within ten days after notice of departure ; [42] otherwise not cognizable, unless the party about to depart remain 20 days after the notice has elapsed. Nov. 2, 1805.
Extortion - to be punished as circumstances may require. May 26, 1802.
Fees - High Court of Appeal before the Governor: To Provost [...] : No Appeal is allowed from the Verdict of the Civil Court to the Governor, unless Appellant gives good Security to prosecute it, and answer Condemnation Money, with costs and damages, in case the Verdict of the Civil Court be affirmed, Nor, from the Governor's award to the King on Council, without giving good Security in twice the sum sued for, to prosecute the Appeal in one year, or as soon after as circumstances will admit; to answer Condemnation Money with such Costs and Damages as shall be awarded by His Majesty in Council, in case the Sentence or judgment of the Governor be affirmed.
 --- to Provost Marshal on Civil Actions, Execucions, &c. 5 per cent in proceeds of auctions on Execution; 5 per cent Levy Money for food, downwares; 4 per Cent ditto from 100£ to 500£; 3 per Cent from 500£ to 1000£; 2 and a half per Cent. From 1000£ upwards; for a Man to keep possession 2s. 6d. per day for 5 days.
 --- on Civil Actions - A writ or warrant of execution above 10£. and not exceeding 20£. [...] 
 --- to Secretary's Clerks receiving no salary: Free Pardons 5s. Conditional ditto 2s. 6d.; each person leaving the colony by certificate, 2s. 6d.
Female Stock - prohibited to be sent from the Territory or its Dependencies: p. as for breach of Orders. Oct. 14, 1804.
 --- - prohibited to be killed; p. 20l. to informer, and hard labour 2 months. B.M. Feb. 10, 1804. [43] 
Fires - No person to fire stubble until his neighbours are warned and prepared; p. by action, remuneration of all damage; also, no person to smoke pipes or make fires near a stack; p. exemplary [NN]. Nov. 10, 1805. & former Orders.
Fire-Arms - forbid to be discharged between sun-set & sun rise; p. for breach of orders, Aug. 19, 1803.
Fines - Persons removed to a different settlement for misdemeanor not to return until the expiration of sentence; p. corporal punishment, Jan 11, 1803.
Foreigners - not permitted to settle or reside here without permission. Aug. 4, 1804.
Forgery - subject to prosecution on a written as well as on a printed form. - Persons concealing such offence p. as for compounding felony, Aug. 3, 1803.
Fort Phillip - Every person cautioned from purchasing, repairing, or building huts near the esplanade; the limits explained by Mr. Alcock. April 1, 1805.
Fustick - forbid to be cut without permission Sept. 20, 1801.
Goats - not to be suffered to range without a herd; p. forf. to Orphans. Feb. 17, 1801.
Grants of Land - forbidden to be transferred within the term of 5 years; p. cancel. April, 1803.
Grants and Leases of buildings erected at the public expence and grounds allotted for public purposes, to revert to the Crown at the Governor's discretion. June 11, 1801.
Guard sent on board merchant vessels - Instructions to: To suffer no one to board but the Pilot or Officer authorised; and not article sent on shore until the Admission Flag is hoisted; not to suffer Spirits, Wines or other strong Drinks to be sent from the ship but by Permit; to admit no unauthorised person on board without a pass at any time; and to suffer no shore boats to board after Sunset; if insulted or interrupted in their duty, to report the same to Head Quarters. Oct. 10, 1800.
Hogs - forbid to be sent on board vessels without permit; Jan. 31, 1801.
Hospital Servants - forbid vending or prescribing medicines and applications to be made to the Medical Gentlemen for relief. Oct. 19, 1805.
Idlers - loitering about the wharfs to be sent to hard labour, and if after sunset imprisoned. July 22, 1804.
Initials of the Governor, Commissary and Deputies, if forged, to be considered as full signatures. Sep. 27, 1802.
Interest - not more than 8 per cent. to be exacted; p. subject to the laws against usury. July 14, 1804. [44] 
King's Stores - Articles for the use of families granted from (comprising annual and extra supplies) not to be retailed; p. forf. future indulgence. June 20, 1801.
Labour - hours of public labour from sunrise to 8 o'clock. And from 9 till 3. Saturdays from sunrise to 9 o'clock.
Licensed Persons - bound by recognizance to the due assize of Weight and Measure; to permit no Gambling, Drunkenness, Indecency, or Disorder; to pay due respect to existing Regulations; not to entertain person from Tap-too beating to the following Noon, nor during Divine Service; P. forf. of License and Recognizances, the latter to informer; and 5l. to Orphans. B.M. Oct. 1800 and Oct. 26, 1805.
 --- not to credit more than 20s.; p. forf. of debt. Not to sue soldiers, seamen, servants, or prisoners; p. nonsuit [sic] with treble charges. Ibid.
 --- vending or receiving liquors distilled in the colony, that practice being strictly prohibited; p. forf. of licence and recognizance. Sept. 29, 1805.
 --- receiving Permits for spirits to craw it themselves; and not dispose spirits on any other person's account; p. forf. of Licence, and Recognizance with all spirits to informer. Dec. 20, 1801.
Merchandize - Not more than 20 per cent. on the importer's prices admitted on the retail; in doubtful cases to be estimated by Courts; if sued for, by allowing from 80 to 100 per cent. on the prime cost of English or India Cooes [NN], are 20 per cent. on the retail. Notes of Hand for debts so confiscated, not cognizable as evidence, unless the account of articles be produced with prices annexed. Oct. 1, 1800. [45] 
Merchandize - to be landed at the hospital wharf, and no where else; p. confiscation. Oct. 10, 1800.
 --- brought from the Eastward of the Cape of Good Hope to pay to Orphans 5 per cent. ad valorem on the prices laid in at, exclusive of wharfage and wine and spirit duties - British manufacturers exempt. Jun 14, 1802.
Musters - Persons neglecting to attend; p. (if free) to be treated as vagrants; and (if prisoners) gaol gang 12 months. - Persons returning false accounts, at discretion of B.M. July 27, 1805.
Natives - not to be treated with inhumanity or injustice; pros. And indictment. June 30, 1802.
Natives of New Zealand, Otaheite, &c. - All to be considered as under the protection of the Crown - To be properly treated and maintained by their employers; and not to be sent on any voyage without the Governor's permission. May 26, 1805.
Newcastle - Coals and timber the exclusive property of the Crown, Coals prohibited to be worked by individuals; but to be procured by Government at 1s. per ton, and Cedar at Three Half pence per superficial Foot, exclusive of other Duties and Fees, viz. License 2s; Clearance 1s; Harbour Dues at Sydney at rates established (for which see "Colonial Vessels"; Entrance and Clearance from the River 2s.; Entrance at Sydney 1s - King's Dues for Orphans: Coals for home Consumption or for Exportation 2s. 6d. per ton; Timber for Home Consumption, 3£ per thousand square feet; ditto for Exportation, 4l. per ditto; Metage [sic] per Ton on Coals 2s.; Measure of Timber per thousand feet 2s. No vessel to go to Hunter's River without a specific License; and the Masters to enter into Recognizances, themselves in 50l. and two Sureties in 25£ each, to abide by the following regulations; viz. To take a regular Clearance; to observe the Orders of the Officer in Command; not to interfere with People at Public Labour; not to be riotous or troublesome; not to land until Permission be obtained; to use Baskets to contain 100 Weight; to make daily Returns to the Commandant of Coals and Timber taken in; to give two days Notice of Departure to the Officer in Command, and receive his Certificate and Letters; not to sail between Dusk and Daylight; to land at the place directed only; to employ no prisoner without permission, and pay 3s 6d. per day for the [NN] of each of them permitted to be employed; to give no strong Liquors to any Prisoner nor to land [NN] without Permit. Likewise; to enter into further Recognizances, the Matter in [...] to take no person on board without authority. March 24, and May 2, 1804.
Parramatta - Persons passing the barracks to give a satisfactory account of themselves to the Commanding Officer when repaired; [46] and no person to carry a musket without permission from the Magistrate. June 7, 1805.
Passage Boats - not to convey any person (unless a settler) without a Pass; p. confiscation. The boats to be kept tight, carry 4 Oars one Mast and Sail, Boatmen to treat passengers civilly; to give notice half an hour before they depart by bell ringing; not to stop more than ten minutes by the way, nor go along side a vessel without acquainting the Wharfinger. The Proprietors to keep Entry Book; p. forf. [NN] & Recognizances. To make the following Charges; Each Passenger 1s, Children 6d.; Luggage 1s per cw.; Wheat or shelled Maize 6d. per Bushel; Maize in cod 8d. per nett bushel; each Chair [NN] 6d; Sheep and Goats 6d. each; Pigs and Packages to 1s; Liquids 1d. per gallon; Porter 3' per Hnd; Planks 2s 6d. per 100 feet; Fowls and Ducks 1s per dozen; Geese and Turkies 1s 2d per ditto; Parcels weighing 2lbs. 3d. and private letters 2d. each. Hire of Boat 1£ 1s. June 26, 1813.
Passes - No person (unless a settler) to leave his place of settlement without such; which he is to produce to the Chief Constable of the Settlement expressed in it, and to return it to the Officer who granted it. p. 3 months labour if free; and if a Prisoner corporal punishment at discretion of one Magistrate, not exceeding 100 lashes. Aug 4, 1804.
Permits - for removing half a gallon of spirits, &c. to be granted by commissioned Officers, Superintendents, and licensed retailers. Oct 7, 1801. See Spirits, &c.
 --- obtained by fraud and collusion; o. if free and licensed; one year's labour and license forf.; and if a prisoner, at discretion of B.M. Feb. 1, 1805.
Petitions - signed by more than one person to be sanctioned by 3 Magistrates; p. prosecution. June 8, 1805.
Prisoners - not to be conveyed on board vessels about to depart; p. forf. of boat, and persons rowing it 2 months imprisonment. B.M. April 27, 1805.
 --- not to be seduced or diverted from the public harvest; p. 10£ half to informer. B.M. Dec. 9, 1801.
Provisions; including Wheat, Flour, Bread, Meat, &c. - not to be sent on board vessels but by permit. May 17, 1802.
Public Registers - applications respecting to be made to the Secretary only. Feb 23, 1805.
Public Roads - prohibited to be incroached upon: persons agrieved thereby to obtain redress by complaint to the nearest Magistrate. Nov. 3, 1804.
Rations - The following proportions to be issued as a full ration, when the stores admit; [45] viz. 7 lbs. of beef, or 4 lbs. of pork; flour or meat 8 lbs. or an audition of a quarter of a pound to each pound of wheat; if it cannot be ground; pease or other [NN] 3 lbs. Six ounces of sugar instead of butter to the Civil and Military. June 14, 1802.
 --- allowed to prisoners prohibited to be purchased or exchanged; p. indictment; and if exchanged for spirits, all such found in the house staved; if a licensed person, forf. of license also. B.M. Dec. 31, 1800.
 --- forf. if not applied for at time of issue. May 19, 1804.
Sabbath - strict observance and general attendance at divine service required: during the performance of which all strollers to be confined. Oct. 4, 1800.
School-house and Chapel at Hawkesbury, erected by Government for the benefit of the Settlers in that District. - All for whom the benefit is designed invited to become subscribers for supporting the institution, and maintaining the Chaplain and Preceptor, by the payment of two-pence for each acre of land they possess. All regulations to be determined on by six subscribers and 2 Magistrates, one of whom to be the Principal Chaplain. Aug. 10, 1804.
Seamen - Any person trusting or retaining such shall lose his or her money and be proceeded against; and forfeit 5£ for each day and night (after the first offence) should he be a deserter; but if ignorant of his being such, p. 10s. per diem only. B.M. March 30, 1805.
 --- Deserting a ship and found after her departure p. 31 lashes and hard labour ibid.
Sedition - Transgressors amenable to existing laws: In addition to which the following Regulations for the effectual suppression of such crime against His Majesty's Government and the Public Tranquillity, are strictly to be enforced; viz. Persons using seditions words or actions to receive exemplary punishment; and all persons knowing but concealing such offence to be treated as accomplices; Any house in which seditious meetings are held to be demolished. B.M. April 2, 1801.
Slop Clouthing - sale and purchase prohibited; p. indictment for receiving stole good. Sept. 10, 1801.
Specie - Table of sterling value; viz. a Guinea 1l. 2s: a Johanna 4£; a Half Joe 2£; a Ducat 9s. 6d.; a Gold Mohur £1.17.6; a Pagoda 8s.; a Spanish Dollar 5s.; a Rupee 2s. 6d.; a Dutch Guilder 2s.; an English Shilling 1s. 1d.; a Copper Coin of One Ounce 2d. [48] 
Spirits and other Strong Drinks - if landed without permit; p. forf. to informer; wherever found, with all such found in the House. May 11, 1801.
Spirits - not to be removed but by permit; p. from the person received from, 5£ to Orphans. Oct. 7, 1801. See Permits.
 --- No greater Quantity than half a Gallon to be removed but by a Permit signed by a Magistrate; p. forf. Oct. 30, 1800.
 --- landed by Masters or Vessels without License; p. forf. of Bond, immediate departure, &c. Dec. 16, 1801.
 --- Persons licensed to retail, to pay 3l, for each License to Orphan Fund and 2s. to Clerk.
 --- drawn for domestic purposes forbid to be transferred, P. forf. and if bartered for Wheat, forf. to the Crown of Wheat. Spirits and Premises. Dec 20, 1801.
 --- prohibited to be smuggled, landed without Permit, or sold without a license, p. confiscation, &c. Oct. 1, 1801.
 --- brought without the Governor's Permission from the Eastward of the Cape, to pay additional Duties following, if permitted to be landed, viz. 5£. For every 100 Gallons, not to be charged more than 6s. per Gallon, including Duty of 2s. per Gallon. 5 per cent, ad valorem, and 5s, Wharfage for each cask or case of a hundred Gallons, May 28, 1804.
 --- of not permitted to be landed here, no Colonial Vessel within the Limits to receive such spirits; p. confiscation with Vessel also, half to informer. April 27, 1805.
 --- not to be sold or bartered for more than 20s. a Gallon. p. the Excess of 20s. to be returned, and future indulgence forf. and if licensed, forf. of License also. Jan 21, 1806.
Stallions - not to be suffered to run loose; p. 5£ to informer and 10s per night: if no claimed within a week forf. to Orphans. B.M. March 26, 1805.
Stock - furnished by Government to Individuals. Oxen hired to such approved Settlers as procure ploughs or carts to be paid for in wheat each March. Quarter, in the proportion of 10 bushels a year for two years, when each head is to be purchased for 70 bushels of wheat, or be returned to Government: such cattle not to be ill treated, or applied to any other than agricultural purposes, on pain of being reclaimed. In case of disease or accidental death, the Superintendent of Stock to be informed thereof, or the settler responsible for the loss - Cows one remove from the Bengal breed valued at 28£ a head occasionally to be bartered for as follows - To be paid in wheat into the Store on delivery of the cow - Or if accepted in two half yearly payments, in failure of payment when due the stock to be reclaimed, and the payment already made forf. - The stock and produce to the third generation unalienable, unless by the Governor's permission for their sale; and no person to purchase any such stock without the Governor's sanction, Feb. 6, 1804. [49] 
Stock - if impounded their description to be sent to the nearest Magistrate or Constable of the District immediately; to be properly fed, and if near a Town made public thrice a week for one month by the common Cryer; p. 2£ for each head, &c all other Costs. But owners of Stocks running at large to pay all damage sustained by. B.M. Sept. 29, 1805.
 --- Breeding Stock furnished by Government to individuals, with its increase, prohibited to be made away with or sold without permission, and a fire tender made therof to Government at market prices: p. forfeiture, with twice the value from seller and buyer; the original stock to the Crown, the other penalties to informer. Bench of Magistrates. July 31, 1802.
Stills - prohibited to be used: p. if free, privation of indulgence, and removal; if prisoners, at discretion of B.M. - Also, all liquors and utensils found to be seized and destroyed. Gov. Hunter's Order of Feb. 28, 1799 Repeated, &c. Aug. 31, and Sept. 29, 1805.
Stream running into the Tanks at Sydney - no person to throw Filth into; nor to wash, clean Filth, or erect Pig-Styes near; nor to take Water up but at the Tank; p. 5£ to Orphans, if free, and the House razed; if a prisoner, imprisonment and hard labour 12 months. B.M. Oct. 14, 1802.
Strikes - none to be used for measuring wheat but such as are stamped by Superintending Carpenters, who are to charge 1s. each. P. 5£ and 1s. for each bushel of grain measured. Nov. 28, 1802.
Sureties - persons becoming so for people of indifferent character; p. full amount of recog. if forf. Mar 9, 1801.
Swine - found at large without ring and yoke forf. to Orphans. Aug. 19, 1803.
Tap too Beating - persons passing after, to answer Centinels when challenged, and to carry a lantern; None but known Housholders [sic] to pass, except Officers of Vessels, who are to make themselves known; and no unauthorised person to answer "Officer." P. confinement. Jan. 15, 1803, Dec. 14, 1806.
Timber - to be taken for Government purposes wherever found. No private individual to damage, remove any but by permission from the owner, or from the Governor if upon Crown Lands. Fuel from fallen woods to be removed with wheel barrows, or single horse-carts. p. prosecution. And all Timber exported to be [...] [50] 
Timber - Exotics exempted from the general claim of Government, and to be the executive property of the owner; but if disposed of, the Crown to have the preference; July 7, 1804.
Vagrants and Idle or Disorderly Person to be sent to public labour; time discretional; 1 M. Oct. 26, 1804.
Vendue - no person to sell goods by, unless licensed, those exempt by Act of Parliament excepted; p. 50£ to Orphans. Jan. 15, 1801.
Vendue Master - to give a daily account of sales to the Treasurer of the Orphan Fund, to which one and a half per cent to be paid by the Proprietor, who is to furnish a List of Articles to the Treasurer previous to the Sale. P. forfeiture of Recognizances, Jan. 15, 1805.
Vessels - to pay the following Dues and Fees on Entry: - To Orphans: An English Merchant Ship with merchandize, in Government service, 15s; Ditto, not in government service, 1£ 10s; A Whaler with merchandize, 15s; Ditto, with no articles for sale, 10s.; A Foreign Ship, 2£ 10s.; General Permission to Trade, 10s.; Each Bond, 3s. 6d.; To Water on Orphan Lands, 10s; To wood on ditto or on Government Grounds, 10s; Clearance, and Bonds returned, 5s; Permit to Land or Remove Spirits, 6d. To Gaol, &c. - For every gallon of Spirits taken out of the Vessel 1s; Ditto of Wine, 6d.; and Berr, 3d; Wharfage for each Cask or Package, 6d; Oct. 18, 1800.
 --- no person to go on board until the Admission Flag be boiled. Oct. 1, 1800.
Vouchers for grain, &c. furnished the stores - to be finally settled Quarterly, otherwise not cognizable, viz. 1st of Jan., 3rd of March, 30th of June, and 30th Sept., July 14, 1801.
 --- not to break bulk until reported & entered Oct. 15, 1800.
 --- To hoist their Colours upon public days; in case of refusal all intercourse to cease. Oct. 25, 1802.
 --- taking Spirits from hence not to be allowed communication with any dependent Settlement, unless the Master produces a Letter from the Governor or Officer in Command (to relieve distress excepted); and no Spirits landed unless the Governor's Certificate of price, &c. be produced. Mar. 10, 1805.
 --- Commanders forbid to entice Seamen from another ship: p. 15£ half to the King & half to Informer. B.M. Mar 30, 1805.
 --- Masters to give security previous to any communication, themselves in 500£ and 2 sureties in 50£ each, To take no person away without regular authority; Not to depart without leave, under an additional penalty of 50£. (the usual Bond not to land persons from hence in India, China &c. without Certificate to be also exacted). [51] Owners of private Colonial Vessels to renew the above security the 1st of Jan. annually, for the conduct of Masters in their employ. April 4, 1805.
Vessels Masters shipping seamen to make application to the Secretary in writing, stating whether they have been prisoners; the ship they came in, and where tried, April 7, 1805.
 --- No communication to be held with after chaining clearance: p. boat forf. & 2 months imprisonm. April. 27, 1805.
 --- Crews to be put on a Ration agreeable to existing circumstances.
 --- Not to be built within the Limits of more than 14 feet keel without Permission from the Governor (unless in case of shipwreck). P. Confiscation &c. May 26, 1804.
 --- Under foreign colours not to be cleared for any Sealing Voyage, or to return hither; but to clear out for a Port of Discharge. Aug. 11, 1804.
 --- Masters not to disregard Colonial Regulations. P. All intercourse to cease, to depart immediately, and not permitted to return. Dec 28, 1805.
Weights & Measures - to be true, and stamped as such; p. 10£ to Orphans for each Weight or Measure defective. B.M. Jan. 1, 1802.