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1-102 (Text)

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Parramatta June 20th 1806
Dear Sir
I thank you for your wishes that we may have altered our minds and stay a few years longer in this part of the World. Mr. Marsden still continues in the same mind and I assure you I have no wish whatever to remain any longer in this Colony - at present it is the Governor's intention to touch at your island - if so it will give me much pleasure to bid you adieu - as most likely it will be the last time we may meet. Mr. Marsden intends being out again in two years. But I hope when he once again revisit his native shore, he will give up all thoughts of returning here - but in whatever place I am I shall remember with a esteem a few of my New South Wales friends and it will always give me pleasure to hear of their happiness. Your letters you must have ready and any comments you may have I shall be happy to execute.
Young Kitty's foal is weaning at Kingston with some of ours in a field of clover and rye grass. Her mother has behaved very bad, having been twice sent to the Hawkesbury - and returned both times preferring the barren soil of Elizabeth's farm to the luxuriant pasture of the Hawkesbury - at present she remains very quiet - if not it will be impossible for any servant of ours to take charge of her when we leave this - if she remains on Mr. McArthur farm - but I hope she will remain where she is at present. Norfolk moggy - and Miss Kitty - are