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Ingleton, 1988
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Sydney, July 12, 1806.
Yesterday, arrived from Port Dalrymple, the schooner Governor Hunter, Mr. Rushworth, master with the above melancholy information, having on board Mr Chace, late master of the brig Venus and several of his crew passengers. The following is the substance of a deposition of Mr. Chace, taken before the magistrates at Yorkton, on the 17th. of June ultimo.
"The Venus sailed from Port Jackson the latter end of April into Two-fold Bay, where she remained nearly five weeks; during which period he found that part of the property in his charge had been purloined by his crew, and other persons on board. Whereupon he publicly challenged his mate, Benjamin Barnet Kelly, with having broached a cask of spirits, which Kelly denied.
That having quitted Two-fold Bay, he proceeded for Port Dalrymple: and that on Sunday the 8th. of June, being then at sea, he perceived a small deal box overboard, which supposing to be a box of papers belonging to Captain Kemp, of the New South Wales Corps, he immediately put the ship about, and ordered out a boat to pick up the box. That the boat followed it a considerable way, but the box suddenly disappearing, he made a signal for the boat to return.
That he afterwards found out that it was Captain Kemp's property, thrown overboard by Catharine Hagarty, a convict, who co-habited during the passage with Kelly, the first mate.
That about 10 in the morning of the 16th. ult., the vessel came to anchor in Port Dalrymple at Lagoon Beach, and that two hours after, Mr. House, Naval Officer, came on board, and with the master quitted the vessel to proceed to Western Arm, where Mr. Chace delivered his Government dispatches to His Honor the Lieutenant Governor.
That he afterwards went with Mr. House on board the Governor Hunter, colonial schooner, then lying in Western Arm, and staid on board her that night. And this morning (the 17th.) proceeded down the River towards the Venus, and saw her under way, it being then about 7 o'clock.
That Captain Chace put into Outer Cove with Mr. House, still imagining the vessel was coming up the River; but that about 10 o'clock five seamen belonging to the Venus came to the deponent and informed him that 'they had been forcibly turned out of the Venus by the first mate, Kelly; the pilot, David Evans, and Richard Thompson, a private of the New South Wales Corps;' and that they further informed the deponent that, 'Kelly, Evans and Thompson had knocked down and confined the second mate, and had taken the brig out to sea; that Kelly was armed with a musket, Evans with a pistol, and that Thompson was at the helm,' which information, Captain Chace immediately communicated to Lieutenant Governor PATERSON."
A further investigation of the above piratical transaction being the same day ordered, Mr. Chace in addition to the former testimony deposed that:
"While the Venus was weather-bound for the long period of five weeks at Two-fold Bay, as before stated, he had reason to believe from the conduct of Kelly, that the vessel was in danger of being run away with; and that he (Chace) requested the master of the Marcia schooner, then also lying in Two-fold Bay, to inform Mr Palmer (Agent to the owner, Mr Robert Campbell, merchant of this territory) on the Marcia's return to Port Jackson, that from the general behaviour of the people on board he did not think the vessel safe." [42] 
Captain Chace then went on to say that: 
"He also told the master of the Marcia, that should a colonial vessel come into the Bay he would give up the brig to her, as the crew were robbing and plundering the vessel, and he did not think his life safe."
In view of these depositions by Captain Chace, it is publicly considered most remarkable that he, Captain Chace, had in the most imprudent and unjustifiable Manner left the Venus to go 10 miles up the River to wait on the Lieutenant Governor, when he ought to have remained on board in charge of his vessel and what was in her, until the Venus reached the settlement at Yorkton. And further, when Captain Chace reported the loss of stores to the Lieutenant-Governor, while he was delivering the Government dispatches, His Honor ordered both Captain Chace and Mr. House to return immediately on board the Venus, which instructions, as shown above, they neglected to carry out.
We are sorry to conclude this unfortunate information by stating, that the Venus had on board supplies of meal and flour (5,674 lb.) and salt pork (11,184 lb), with various public and private stores for the Settlements at Port Dalrymple and Hobart Town.
The pecuniary loss to the Government in the provisions and stores on board the vessel does not exceed £420. But the loss occasioned to these Settlements by this misfortune, will be most severely felt until the arrival of the Sophia and Estramina, which are fitting with the utmost expedition to take other supplies to those Settlements; which the present state (reduced rations in this Settlement) the Colony can but ill afford.
We append the following descriptions in order that whatsoever port or ports the Venus may be taken into, or met with at sea, it will ensure against any frauds or deceptions that may be put in practice by the pirates; and that they will be taken into custody and delivered to some British authority that they may be brought to condign punishment.
Venus, Colonial Brig, of 45 tons burthen, built and registered in Calcutta. Owners;- Campbell & Co., Calcutta. The vessel is unarmed, and mounts no guns.
Benjamin Barnet Kelly, first mate; about 5 feet 7 inches high, pock-marked, thin visage, brown hair, auburn whiskers, and says he is an American; he came to this Colony as mate of the Albion south sea whaler, Captain Bunker. Richard Edwards, second mate; about 5 feet 5 inches high, fair hair, a very remarkable scar or cut in one cheek; landed here by the Bridgewater. Joseph Redmonds, seaman; Mulatto, about 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, stout made, broad nose, thick lips, wears his hair tied in pigtails, and with holes in his ears, being accustomed to wear large earrings; came in the Venus whaler. A Malay cook. Thomas Ford and William Evans, boys; the latter a native of this Colony. Richard Thompson, soldier; 5 feet 8 inches high; about 27 years of age, fair complexion, and light brown hair. R. T. (David) Evans, convict, pilot; about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, stout made, brown hair, broad visage; came out as a gunner's mate on board His Majesty's ship Calcutta, and having deserted, was afterwards transported here for fourteen years. John William Lancashire, a convict; about 5 feet 4 inches high, sallow complexion, brown hair, a little marked with the small-pox, of an emaciated appearance, and by trade a painter and draughtman. Catharine Hagarty, a convict; middle size, light hair, fresh complexion, much inclined to smile, and hoarse voice. Charlotte Badger, a convict; very corpulent, with full face, thick lips, and light hair; has an infant child.