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1-096 (Original)

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author,male,Marsden, Samuel*,41 addressee,female
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Mackaness, 1942
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Dear Madam
As a gentleman is returning from this Colony to London I shall just drop you a line to let you know we are well and anxiously expecting to hear from England.
C. Grimes Esqre who will deliver you this will inform you how we are going on - his stay in England probably will be but very short, as his duty will require him to return by an early conveyance. I am very uneasy at times about Mr. Johnsons affairs in this Colony since the failure of the Paymaster of the N.S.W. Corps. He was considerably in debt to Mr. Johnson. I had done my utmost to obtain the money for him, & believe he will be one of the least sufferers of Mr. Cox's creditors considering the sum he left me to recover for him. Mr. Johnson unless he was to visit us again could not believe the great change in the political state of the Colony. Many things are altered for the better. I shall be happy should I ever live to see religion flourish amongst us - there is no prospect of this. I often think the Gospel, if we may judge from appearances in the settlement, was only intended for children, the common soldier, & the convict in irons. The military officers will march the soldiers to the church door, & then return, the gaoler will unlock his cells & turn his prisoners out to public worship, but has no idea of attending himself. Such is the afflicting situation I am placed in, my soul is pained within me, I cannot but mourn for the abominations that are committed in the land. With respect to temporal things, we have abundance in the Colony. Our present crops are very promising, and cultivation goes on very fast. Our flocks and herds increase and multiply very much - beef & mutton will soon be very plentiful. This country will at some future period become great, from the richness of its soil and the healthiness of its climate. I have no complaint to prefer on temporal accounts, I labour hard, enjoy my health & family. I generally go weary to bed, my rest is very sweet, and the morning finds me ready for the toils of the day. [36] I feel a longing for my native land, and wish to revisit Old England again - it cannot be yet, but I hope the time will come when I shall have that happiness. We have got an addition to our family of another boy about two months ago. Mrs. M. is very well - she is very contented in her situation - suffers little affliction either of body or mind - she rides a good deal for amusement and exercise on horse back, being a good horsewoman - she will ride to Sydney and return the same day which is 20 miles, very well, I keep a good horse entirely for her use and convenience. We have not much agreeable society, and therefore endeavour to supply the want of it in the most pleasant manner we can. We shall be happy to hear from you at all times and believe me
Dear Madam, to remain
Yours in every Christian respect
S. Marsden
Mrs. .M. joins with me in kind remembrance to Mr. Stokes & your family.