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1-091 (Text)

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author,male,Harris, George Prideaux,31 addressee,female
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Niall, 1998
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About three Months since by the arrival of a sea Whaler from Pt. Jackson I had the inexpressible happiness to hear from my dearest Mother & other friends for the first time, since leaving them, going on now for 3 Years! I need not say the joy I felt at the receipt of the valuable Pacquet, more especially to find that you were all in as good health & happy as when I left you - The anxious hours I had passed daily looking for some tidings, was fully repaid by the pleasing Intelligence I received tho I almost dreaded to open them least I might find in so long a time that I had lost some dear & valued friend - but thank God it was not the case & I hope I shall ever receive such welcome news.  
The last date of your Letters were in Octr. 1804 & some as far back as August & Septr. 1803 - so that I think I must have received all you had written to that time - as there were abt. 24 of them - John & Tom did not write - which I am sorry for as I should wish always to hear from every one of you - I had several Letters from Harry, but from Nancy - what a delightful packet!! I have hardly read all the volumes thro yet - I shall thank her for them - as well as my little dears Dolly & Mary - but I forget; the former by this time is I suppose Mrs R ... R(?)...lly! but of that more by & by - I have also to thank my kind & worthy friend Comyns for his very friendly Letter - I shall write him a very long letter & wish it was in my power to send him some Curiosities by this Conveyance - but I have met with a great Misfortune in having a large Case of Birds (some capital ones) abt. 100 in number totally destroyed by a nest of large ants eating into it unknown to me - Not a feather was left on them - Nancy & Mr. Comyns write me to preserve them in Spirits, but they could not know the scarcity of that Article - but Adieu to this subject, which I wonder how I got into when I have one so much more interesting to talk about - My dearest mother I have to beg pardon of you for doing something without your leave, but for the life of me I could not help it - I followed Harry's example without knowing of it & that very day 12 Months - married? Yes, my dearest Mother & what is more enjoy the most perfect happiness My sweet little Girl is one of the most ameanable Disposition I ever met with - and her affectionate attachment to me is such as must render my life devoted to her happiness in return - You will naturally expect and have a right to know who your new daughter in law is - She was Miss Ann Jane Hobbes; her Father was a brave Officer in the Navy (a Lieut.) who died shortly before she left England & a Brother also a Lt. in the Navy was killed in Egypt. there were then the Mother, 4 Daughters and a younger Son - The Eldest married Mr. Hopley who was appointed one of the Surgeons of this place, and Mrs. Hobbs having only the widows pension, was persuaded to follow her Daughter here with the rest of her family They came passengers with me in the Ocean where I first got acquainted - and here at Hobart Town had the happiness to call Ann Jane the 3rd daughter mine To use Harry's words "I might perhaps have got a richer but I could not have got a better Wife" - for young as she is (not 18) I'll be bound to say there is not many double her age that understand more of Domestic Management - She often reminds me