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1-067 (Original)

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addressee,male author,male,King, Philip Gidley,45
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Government English
Imperial Correspondence
Clark, 1977
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In my Letter of the 23d of Novr. last I informed you that I had sent a Colonial Vessel to Basses Straits, the particulars of which I had communicated to the Secretary of State - It was reported to me soon after the French Ships sailed that a principal object of their voyage was to fix on a Place at Van Diemans Land for a Settlement, and that the French Officers who had talked of it had pointed out a particular place i.e. what the French call Baie du Nord in Storm Bay Passage; with this Information I considered it my duty to establish His Majesty's Right to that Island being within the limits of this Territory, I therefore despatched a Colonial Vessel under the direction of the Masters Mate of the Buffalo with the enclosed Instructions, who conducted that Service very much to my Satisfaction and made an accurate Survey of King's Island and Port Phillip at the West entrance of Basses Straits.
Making the French Commodore acquainted with my intentions of Settling Van Dieman's Land, was all I sought by this Voyage, Mr. Robbins overtook them on the Day the Naturaliste parted Company with the Geographe to return to France, I have the honor to enclose the French Commodore's Answer to my Letter with my Remarks thereon. [75] 
Under all these Circumstances I judged it expedient to form a Settlement at Risdon Cove in the River Derwent, the situation of which their Lordships will observe in Captain Flinder's Chart of Storm Bay Passage in Van Dieman's Land; This Measure I should have taken sooner if I had any proper Person to send on that Service; On the Glattons arrival Lieut. Bowen of that Ship offered his Services, and being recommended by Captain Colnett who gave his Consent, I took it upon me to appoint Mr. Bowen in conjunction with the Commander of the Porpoise to fix on a suitable Place, and command the intended Settlement until I may receive Instructions on that Subject. As no Medical assistance could be spared from the Colony, and the Surgeon of the Glatton having Captain Colnetts consent and recommendation I appointed him to the Medical Duty of the intended Settlement where his assistance to Lieut. Bowen will be very useful. My reasons for making this Settlement are : - the necessity there appears of preventing the French gaining a footing on the East side of these Islands; To divide the Convicts : - To secure another place for procuring Timber, with any other natural production that may be discovered and found useful The advantage that may be expected by raising Grain; and to promote the Seal Fishery: For these reasons and Utility of a Naval Officer's conducting a Settlement of that kind I was induced to accept Lieut. Bowen's offer, and Capt. Colnett's recommendation which I hope will meet their Lordships Approbation. It is my intention to dispatch the Porpoise and Lady Nelson on this Service as soon as possible after the Glatton's departure.