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1-063 (Original)

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author,female,Marsden, Eliza,29 addressee,female
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Mackaness, 1942
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New South Wales
August 22nd 1801.
My dear Madam
I now sit down to return you thanks for your kind letter and present, also for the books you sent to my daughter who was in England about the time the ship sailed that they came in. I need not express the pain it cost me in parting from her and the anxiety till I heard of her safe arrival. You who have felt the same can sympathise with me but I trust it is for her good. This has been a very had place for children indeed I may say for people of every age. [25] 
Some good I hope will be done with the rising generation. The orphan home been open for 30 girls and will be ready for 30 more in a short time. Mr. Marsden has sent the proceeding home and sermon he preached the first Sunday the children attended. The governor gives it every support. Mr. King and Mr. Paterson attends every day that it may be properly managed.
Before this you have had the pleasure of seeing our dear friends Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and daughter. I feel great regret in their leaving the colony. Their kind attention to us will always endear them to me. I hope Mr. Johnson will recover his health now he is returned to his native country.
The prospect before us is rather unpleasant. We are on short allowance of meat and grain from the public store and it wants three months to the harvest. Many of the inhabitants have not a grain of wheat or coin in their possession nor is it to be purchased. I hope he who fed Elijah in the wilderness will not let us feel the dreadful calamity of famine, the harvest failed last year. The settlers in general was not provident enough to provide against the latter end of the year.
Mr. Palmer had a great loss for himself and the Colony, he had a large stack of wheat calculated at a thousand bushels burnt.
The Governor has sent the Porpoise to Otaheite and the other Islands to see if they can get Pork for us. The Governor seems desirous for establishing communication between Port Jackson and Otaheite. This might prove a great advantage to the poor Missionaries and he a great protection to them should a ship constantly visit them from this colony they would be able to keep a constant correspondence with their friends in England.
I hope dear Madam to be favored with a line at every opportunity it gives me the greatest pleasure to hear from you or from our friends and connexions, you don't know the happiness it gives me not only for the moment, when I am alone and dull I amuse myself with reading my friends letters and find myself refreshed. [26] 
My family is the same as when I last wrote, a boy and girl, Elizabeth is very engaging she is just beginning to prattle. Please give my best respects to Mrs. Stokes and Miss and thanks to Charles for writing Anns name in her books. You must also remember me to Mr. Edward. Let me beg an interest in your prayers.
I am Madam
Your obliged & affecn
Mr. M. writes by this ship.