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1-055 (Raw)

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addressee,family author,female,Bird, Sarah,un
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Private Written
Private Correspondence
Clarke, 1992
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I take the first opportunity of informing you of my safe arrival in this remote quarter of the world after a pretty good passage of six months. Since my arrival I have purchased a house, for which I gave £20, and the following articles, which are three turkies, at 15s. each; three sucking-pigs, at 10s.; a pair of pigeons at 8s.; a yard-dog, £2; two muscovy ducks, at 10s. each; three English ducks, at 5s., each; and a goat, five guineas; six geese at 15s. each. I have got a large garden to the house, and a licence. The sign is the "Three Jolly Settlers".
I have met with tolerable good success in the public line. I did a little trade in the passage here in a number of small articles, such as sugar, tea, tobacco, thread, snuff, needles, and every thing that I could get anything by. The needles are a shilling a paper here, and fine thread is sixpence a skain. I have sold my petticoats at two guineas each, and my long black coat at ten guineas, which shews that black silk sells well here; the edging that I gave 1s. 8d. per yard for in England, I got 5s. for it here. [10] I have sold all the worst of my cloaths, as wearing apparel brings a good price. I bought a roll of tobacco at Rio Janeiro, of 54 lb. weight, which cost me 20s., which I was cheated out of; I could have got 12s. a pound for it here. I likewise bought a cwt. of sugar there, and also many other articles. Rum sells for 1s. 6d. per gallon there, and here, at times, 3s. Any person coming from England with a few hundred pounds laid out at any of the ports that shipping touch at coming here are liable to make a fortune. Shoes that cost 4s. or 5s., a pair in England will bring from 10s to 15s here.
On our passage here we buried only two women and two children. The climate is very healthful and likewise very fertile, as there are two crops a year of almost everything; and I really believe, with the assistance of God, by the time that I have paid the forfeit, according to the laws of my country, I shall acquire a little money to return home with, which I have not the smallest doubt of, and to be a comfort to you at the latter end of your days.
Any person that should have a mind to come out here as a settler, by applying at the Secretary of State's Office, may have a free passage, and likewise two men and a farm here, which is great encouragement. I should be very glad to hear from you the first opportunity. I live by myself, and did not do as the rest of the women did on the passage, which was, every one of them that could had a husband. I shall conclude with giving my kind love to my brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, so am, dear father, your ever dutiful, loving and affectionate daughter till death.