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1-034 (Original)

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addressee author,male,Easty, John,un
Narrative Discourse
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Private Written
Easty, 1793
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Wedansday Febry the 6th 1788 Cleare weather all day att night very heavy Thunder and Lighening as ever I Saw this night a tree Split and 6 Sheep and 2 Lambs killed by the Lighening and Sevraill Centinals frightened but none herted the wemen Came on Shore [96] 
Thursday Febry the 7th 1788 Clowday weather this had the Batallion under arms att 10 oclock the Governer read his orders and all the officers belonging to the Iland Displayed the Colours on west Side and the Marine Colours with Vollous of Small arms by the Detachment of marins the Convict men and wemen all Present this night Captn Lt Meridth read the Letter that his Majesties Sent to us att our first Entering on this Expidison
Sattaday Febry the 9th 1788
Cleare weather this day
A Cortmartiall held on Thos Bramble belonging Capts Camebles Conbpany [97] 
Munday Febry the 11th 1788
this day a Criminal Court by 3 Navl officers & 3 batallion of & the Judge advocate this Evening the Sentence of the Cortmartal held on Sattaday put his Excetuion Brambell Sentenced 200 Lasshes recieved 100 Sent to the hospitall
Tuesday Febry the 12th 1788 this Morning the Sentance of the Crimanall Cort held yestarday put in Excution one Sentanced 150 Lashes for Mutany recieved itt one to be sent on a desolate Iland for a week upon Bread and water
Thursday Febry the 14th 1788 this Morning the Supply Sailed to the Iland of new norfolk with Some Convicts to settall a collaney thare [98] 
this day a cort of Crimanals held
Friday Febre the 13th 1788
this morning the Sentanced of the Court held yesturday put into Excution 2 Wemen recievd 25 Lashes Each for theft att the Carts tail and one man 45 for theft att the Carts taill
Wedansday Febry the 27 1788 this day the Crimenall Corus adjurnd Cast for Death 3 men Thos Barres Excused this Evning the others repreved Henry Lovvel & Jas Hall to be Banished of the Iland for Life on a Desolate Iland
Sattaday March the 8th 1788 this Night about 1/2 pass 8 oclock I was Confined by Serjt Hume for bringing a feameale Convict into Camp [99] 
Munday March the 10th 1788
this day Jno Easty Jno Calaytan tryed by a Court Martiall
Wedensday March the 12th 1788
this day Peter Dargan tryed for a breach of Trust this night att 5 oclock Easty & Cayton recieved 150 Lachess Each & Dargan 100
Tuesday March the 18th 1788
This day Jophef Hunt a marine Tryed by a court Martiall for Strikeing another marine the Court Satt 4 times when Major Ross would not Except of the Courtmartiall upon wich the Court Confined them Selfs
Captn Lt Tench 1st Lt Kellow 1st Lt Poulden 1st Lt Davey 1st Lt Timmins and Said that thay would go home to England [100] 
Wedensday March the 19th 1788 this Day the Batallion of marin Turned out and Said that thay Could not work aney longer with out being Paid for itt 
this afternoon the Supply Came in from Nesv Noffolk after Leave ing the Convicts thare and gave an account of finding an Iland about 2 or 3 days Sail from this Place wich thay named Lord Hows Iland Captn Ball of the Supply was the first that Ever Discoverd this Iland thar is a great many Turtle and Fowle the Iland rans about 18 miles in Cirmfernce the Supply Brought 10 or 12 Turtels with her
Wcdensday April the 30th 1788 this Morning Thomas Armsworth Departed this Life of a fever & flux att the Hospitall Lift a Wife and 2 small Children [101] 
Fryday May the 2d 1788
This Morning Jno Bernett A Convict Recieved Sentance of Death for Robing the Charlottes sent of Bread and Sugar and was taking from the Court house to the Place of Excution and was hanged immeadateley
Tuesday May the 6th 1788
this day a court of Enquirey was held upon Wm Parr Convict and Jno Easty marine Concerning Provisions Parr Sentancd 200 Lashes
Sunday May the 4th 1788 this day the Scarborough and Lady Penryhn Sailed down the river
Tuesday May the 6th 1788
this Day the Scarbrough Lady Penryh and Charllotte Sailed from this Port for Chinea att the same time the Supply Brig saild to Convoy them Cleare of this Coast
Wedensday May the 22d 1788
this Day Patrick Burn A Convict was killid by the natives and another wounded
Sunday May the 25th -this Day arived the Supply from Lord hows Iland and had Lost her anchor and cable and Said that the Scarborough had Lost her fore top mast and top Sail yard
Friday May the 30 1788
this Day 2 Convicts ware killid by the natives in a horred manner [103] 
Wedansday June the 4th 1788 this Day the Sirous and Supply fired a Roiall Salute att sun riseing att 12 oclock and att Sun Sets att 12 oclock the Batalion of marines marched over the water with thare Colours and freed 3 Volies and returnd again immeadately the Govener gave the marines A Pint of Porter Each man and the Convicts half a pint of rum Each man the officers all Dind with the Govener that Day
Friday June the 20th 1788 This Evining John Gannon A marine Departed this Life of a fever and was buried the next Day
Sunday June the 22d 1788 att 4 this afternoon an Earth quake so as to Shake the ground all round us the Same might Henry Pesry Serjant Died after a long Sickness and wass buried the next dav very handsomely. [104] 
Wedensday June the 25 1788 this Day Sam Peaton and Edward Corbit Convicts was executed Paton for robing Captn Merideths Merque and Corbit for abcondon himsilf from Quarters
July the 10th 1788 this Day the Despaches was in closed for England Sent 2 Letters home
Sunday July the 13th 1788 this Day the Alaxander frindship Prince of Wailes and Borrow dale Sailed for England
Thursday the 17th 1788 July this Day the Suply saild for new norfolk with 6 mounths Provisions for the Iland [105] 
Sunday Augst the 17th 1788 this Day the List was giving to the officers of all the men is a going to England att Expairation of the Station
Tuesday August the 12th 1788
this day the Ballion Marched from the Prade to the flags and fired 3 Volies 
the officer all Dined with the govener this night Mr Wight thee Surgoen Genl and Mr Balmain the 2d asstant fired thier Pistrols att Each other and Slightly Wounded Each other
Thursday August the 26th 1788 this Day the Supply Arived from Norfolk Iland gave a very favorably account of that Place but that The had Lost 4 men from her Boat which was Drownded and 3 men belonged to the Iland Which Wm Batchler a marine was one [106] 
Fryday Septbr the 5th 1788 this Evining the Eliment was very Red more so than Ever Saw in my Life which Lasted about an hour
Tuesday Sepbr 30 1788
Serjent Smith Embarked on bord the Golden Grove with 1 Corpl and 5 Prit belonging to the Sirous for New Norfolk
Wedensday october the 1st 1788 this Day the Sirous Saild for the Cape of good hope and the Golden Grove for Norfolk
Thursday octobr the 2d
this Day Cupper Handley a Convict was Barberasley Killed by the natives att Botany Bay where thay ware a going for greens
Friday october the 10th 1788 this Day John Jones A marine Departed this Life of a Concumtion and fever [107] 
Sunday october 26 1788 James Roges A marine scent this Day into the woods and could not be found after
Sunday November the 2d 1788
this Day 1 Lieut 1 Serjt 1 Corpl and 8 Privt Marines with Some Convicts went up the harbour to Rose Hill and made A Settelment thare
Tuesday Novbr the 11 th 1788
This day Thos Bulmore Departd this Life of Some Blows that he recievd from James Baker when thay ware fighting on the 7 instant for which thay ware tryed by the Sevil Law and Sentancd 200 Lashes for man Slaughter
Sattaday Novbr the 22d 1788
this day Captn Cambell with 1 Lieut 1 Serjt 1 Corpl Drum and 12 Privt went up the harbour to govern the Party att Rose Hill which went up thare on the 2 instant [108] 
Wedensday Decbr the 31 1788 this Day James Dealey A convict was Excuted for Roberrey
Monday Decbr the 29th 1788
this Day Thos Brimage was tryed by a courtmartial for Leavein the Camp without Leave for which we was Sentanced 50 Lashes Each but the Cortt Recommend us to the Commanding officeer for Mercy and we was forgiven
Sataday Janry the 10 1789
this Day Thos Saunderson A Convict was tryed by A Crimanal court for Robing the Store house and Absconding from Quarters and was out Lawed on Christmas Eeve and Recd Sentancd of death and was Exuted this Evining
Munday Febry the 2d 1789 this Night att 10 oclock Captn John Shea of Marines Departed this Life after a Long illness of a Concumtion and was Buried the next Day in Miliantary form very Neat and handsom [109] 
Wedensday Febr the 4th 1789
this day Captn Lt Merideth was Apointed full Captn instead of Caps Shea deceased and 1st Lt George Go Jonstone apointed Captn Lt in Stead of Captn Lt Merideth and 2t Lt Ralph Clarke apointed 1st Lt in Stead of C Jonstone
Friday Febry the 6th
this Day Captn Lieut G Jonstone was orderd to Command Captn Sheas Company and the otherer Captns to Command the Same Compys as before
Sunday Febry the 8th 1789 this Day young Ross was appointed 2d Lieut of Marines
Sattaday Febry the 15th 1789 this day Captn Merideth went up to Rose hill with 20 Privt to Relace the party up att that Place Doing Duty [110] 
Friday March the 6th 1789 this Day as a party of Convicts ware going to Botaney Bay the Natives attackted them in a great Number and killid one of them and Wounded Sevaral others in a Daingourous manner and them which Came home whare Confined and Punishd with one Hundred and fifty Lashes Each
Wedensday March the 18 1789 
this Day a key was found Broke in one of the Locks att the Publick Store house for Which Joseph Hunt a marine was confined who was after taking as the kings Evidince and impeeched upon Luke Hines Richd asque James Baker James Brown Richd Dukes and Thos Jones Privt Marines who had been with him in Robing the Store house
Wedensday March the 25th & 26th 1789
this Dai Luke Hines James Baker James Brown Richd asque Richd Dukes and Thom Jones Marines was tryed by A Criminall Cort for Robing the Storehouse when on the 26 about Past 2 oclock thay all Recd Sentanced of Death and the Galleows was Erected before the Sentance was Cast upon them [111] 
Friday March the 27th 1789 this Day att 10 oclock Luke Hines James Baker James Brown Richd Asque Richd Dukes and Thom Jones was Excuted between the 2 Store housees when thay all Said that Joseph hunt was the ocation of all thier Deaths as he was the first that bagan the Said Roberry but he Recd a free Pardon thare was hardley a marine Present but what Shed tears offacers and men
Wedensday April the 1st 1789 
this Day Wm Wall a marin Departed this Life after a Long Lingering illness and was Buried in Miliertry form
Thursday April the 30th 1789 
this Day about one oclock in the after noon Edward odges Michell Towlien Marines which belonged to Rose hill and was doing Duty thare went out a Shoting and was Lost in the Woods and wear heard of Since although Search was made for 3 or 4 Days after them [112] 
Friday May the 8th 1789
this Evining Arived his Majesties Ship Sirous from the Cape of goodhope Laden with flour for the Iland and gave an account of the Alaxander which Sailed on the 13th of July Last only arived att the Cape 3 days befor The Saild for this Place and she Sailed october the 1st Last the frindship was ooblidged to be Scettled and Sunk upon their being So violiont a Sickness So that all her hands Died Exept 6
Sataday May the 9th 1789 this Day Captn Lt Tench Repard up to Rose hill to Riveleved Captn Merideth with 15 Priveats
Wedensday May the 20th 1789 this Day Wm Goodall Privt in the 6 Com was appointed Corpl in the 29th Compy and to Receve Pay as Such Since the 4th of March Last in Steead of Jno Wixtead who was Reduced that day
Thursday Sepbr thee 10th 1789 this Day Henry Whright a marine was Tryed by a Criminal Cort for a rape on the Body of Elizabeth Chapman a Child of 9 years old for wich he was Sentancd Death but on Sataday he Recd Sentancd Transportation for Life to Norfolk Iland [113] 
Sattaday October the 3d 1789
This Day Thos Scott A Marine Departed this Life after A Long Lingern Sickness
Sattaday the 17th 
this Day Susanarh Allen Depard this Life of Child Berth & Left the infant Besterd
Sattaday Novbr 21 89
this day A Criminal Cort Held on Judah Jones a female Convict who Recd Sentance of Death and was hanged on the Munday after [114] 
Friday Feberary the 19th 1790 this Day Major Ross was orderd to hold him Self in readynes to Embark on bord his M:S Sirous and Supply with 2 Companys on the 5th of March Next for Norfolk Iland
Munday Febriary the 22d 1790 this Day Thos Brimage Privt in the 53d and Jno Easty Signed and Sealed thiaer Last Wills and testamen to Each other / Febry 24
Wedensday March the 3d 1790
this Day Major Ross with Captn Lieut G Jonstone first Lieuts Kellow J Jonstots and Clarke and 2d Lieuts faddy and Ross with 3 Serjts 4 Corpls 3 Drums and 46 Privts Embarked on bord the Sirous and Supply to Join first Lieut Creswel and 1 Serjt and 14 Privt now Doing Duty att Norfolk
Sattaday March the 6th 
this Day the Sirws and Supply Sailed for Norfolk Iland [115] 
Wedensday March the 31 1790
this Day Richd Knight a marine was tryed by a Criminal Cort for Robing a Gardean for which he was Sintancd 200
Munday April the 5th 1790 this Day the Supply arived from Norfolk Iland and gave an ac count of the Sirous being Cast away upon the Iland of Norfolk on march the 19th Last but all hands and Stores Savid
Sattaday April the 17th 1790 this Day His Majistys Armd tender Supply Brig Saild from this Port for Norfolk and Batavie for Provisions for the Settelment
Tuesday April the 20th 1790
this Day Wm Chafe a Convict was Executed for House Roberry
Monday May the 3d 1790 this Day Wm Dowland a marine Departed this Life of a flux and fever att Rose Hill [116] 
Thursday June the 3d 1790
this day arived the Mary Jula anne from London Laden with 225 female Convicts and Provisions and gave an account of the Guardien Store ship had Struck on an Iland of Ice she has been 10 mounths from England and yet only 9 Weeks from the Cape of goodhope
Friday the 4th
this Day the Detachment of marines fired 3 Voilies of Small arms in Honour of his Majesets Birth Day Recd 2 letters from home all Well
Wedensday the 9th
this Day a Sermon was Preached by the Revd Mr Jonstone on the occasion of his Majestys happy Recoverery from his Late Sicknes
Sunday June 20
this Day the Justann from England Arived hear Laden with Provisions The has been only 5 mounths from falmouth she Gives an account of 3 Ships being upon the coast with troops and Convicts [117] 
Sataday June the 26th 1790
this Day the Surprise Transport arived hear with 250 men Convicts
Munday June the 28th this Day the Nepturn Transport Arivd hear with 500 Convicts and the Scarborough with 250 and 105 Soldiers of the new South Wailis Corps the Convicts all very Sickly Near 50 of them Died the first week after Landing
friday July 23d 1790 Last night Thom Harp Jno Wilkins Marines belonging to the Detachment and Jno Bates a marine and Mr fargerson midshipman belonging the Sirous went Down the harbour a fishing and this morning being a fishing a whaile over Set the boat when the 3 Latter was all drownded but Wilkins was Saved by Swiming [118] 
Sunday this July 25 1790
this Day the Lady Jula anne Saild from this place for Norfolk and China and from there to England
wedensday 28 this Day the Justinnia Saild for the above places
Sunday August 1st this day the Suprise Transport Saild from this place with 150 Women and 30 men convicts for Norfolk Iland and to proceed from that to England by Chinea
Sunday august the 8th this day the Scarborough Trans port Saild from this on her way to England by China Salluted the place with 7 Guns the first Ship as Ever Salluted this place Sent a litter home by her
Tuesday the 24
this day the Nipturne Saild from this place for England by China a Criminal Court held on Hugh Low a Convict for Sheep Steeling brought in Guilty of Death [119] 
August the 25th 1790 
this day att 12 oclock Hugh Low was Excuted according to his Sentanc pased on him yesterday
Sepbr the 6th this day Patrick
McQuen a marine Departed this Life and buried in A milliantary form
Sep the 7th 
this day His Excellency Arthur Philip Governec of New S Wailes was wounded by the Nativs in the Shoulder but not mortall
october the 4th 1790 this day James McManis a marine was tryed by a criminal court for house Breaking But was acquited
Tuesday october the 19th 1790 This day arived His Majestys armd tender Supply from Batavey with Stores and Provisions for the Settelment [120] 
Tuesday octobr the 26th 1790 this day a Criminall Court was held on the Bodys of Jas Harris and Wm Wild Blood Convicts for assal ting Jno Roland and Roberry Wich Ended on Wedensday att Elven in the fore noon when thay both Reed Sentance of death wich Caried into Excution att rose Hill on Thursday the 28th att 12 oclock
Sunday Novbr 14 1790 this day the Boat belonging to the Hospitall went Down the harbour with 5 Convicts which was all the Convicts was Lost
Tusday Decbr 14th 1790 this day 2 Captns 2 Lieuts 3 Saj 2 Corpls with 40 Privt marched front Sidney on Command to the S West of Botany Bay in Search of the Natives wich has Wounded Some of the convicts that Same night A Privt Soldier belonging to the New S Wales Corps was tryed by a field Cort Martiall [121] 
Bey order of Captn L of Marines Commanding of the Party the Day following Saw Sevaral of the natives but could not have any interview with them by Reason of thay taking to the salt water this day very bad off for fresh water when a pint of rum was gave for a pint water and on Thursday the 16th Returnd into Sidney again after a Troublesome Teadious March
Friday Decbr 17th
this Day A Duch Snow from Batavy which the Supply Brig toke up and bought Provisions arived here for the Settellment she has been 12 Weeks and 4 days from Batavy
Wedensday Decbr 22d this Day att 5 oclock the party under the Command of Captn Tench marines Concisting of 1 Leut and 1 Ensign 3 Sarjts 2 Copl and 30 Private marched from Sidney towards the SW of Botany Bay hallted att Eaight att night att 12 marched to the N West arms and Crosed itt att past 2 on the 23d in the morning up brieast high in water and att Past 3 Crosed over a Swamp of mud which seas up to the armpits and had Like to have Smothred Sevaral of the men in the mud and by 6 oclock Came up to the natives huts but thay had fled from thier huts So we returned back across the rivers as fast as Possible and arived att the Place we Startd from aut 10 oclock after A teadious Run of 14 or 16 miles fast as Posible we Could run all wet with Crosing the Rivers and halted thare and Dryed our Cloaths and Started again att 3 oclock and went to Botany Bay and halted on the North Shore untill 2 on the Morning of the 24 when we went Down the Beach for abought 3 miles whaare we Saw Sevaral of the natives by thier fires and then Marched Back to the Place from whence we Started and halted till 7 oclock when we returned to Sidney by 9 that morning after a most seadious march as Ever men went in the time [122] [123] 
Tuesday Janry the 18 1791 this day att 12 oclock the Troops in garrison fired 3 Volies of Small arms in honour to her Majastyes Birth day this morning the Supply Dropt down to Sail for Norfolk Iland and took her Departure from this on the 22 with a fine Gail
Monday Febe the 14 1791 This day the Duch Snow which Came from Batavie with Provisions was taking into the English Service and is bound to England with the Sirous Ships Company
Sattaday Febrr the 26 1791 this day the Supply Arived from Norfolk Iland with Captn Hunter late of His Maj S Sirous with the Rest of the officers and men belonging to that Ship and gave A very good account of that Place its the first time that we have heard from that Place Since the Loss of the Surous in March Last the acount Says that att the time of the Short Allowanc that thay ware very bad off that thay had only 3 Lb of weatt with the flower Bran and 2 lb of Beef or 17 ounces of Pork per week and for 3 or 4 Weeks no meat was Searved that thay Liveed on Birds which thay caut in great number att A Place Callid . . . Mount Pit 4 or 5 miles from the Camp this Iland Lies in Latd about 14 or 15 South and 163 East Longtd its about 21 miles in Circumferance all round by the is on Continued Chain of rocks and no harbour or bay whareby a Ship may anchor with Safty the Place is a very frutfull Place and one continued Place of hills and [124] 
Vallies thare is plenty of Palm tree and fine pine which runs to the haight of 250 o 60 feet with out any S Tops and is very fit for ards and masts for any Ships thare is the flax Plant grow hear wild which is by transplanting made to come usefull this Iland is alltogether a very fine Frutfull Place and and is Capable of of maintaining itself in the Space of 4 years all but for meat which must rely on England or Some other Hand for Cattel as thar is no four footed Beast nor any Qadruped [125] 
Munday March the 21st 1791 this Day Captn Hill of the NSW Corps with Lieut Abott and Ensign Prentice with 1 Sarjt 1 Corpl Drum and 18 Privt Embarcked on bord His Maj armd Tender Supply for the relief of the Same number of marines att norfolk Iland and Saild the next day 
friday March the 25 1791 this day Captn Hunter of His Maj Late Ship Sirous with the rest of that Ships Crew Embarked on bord the Succeess Snow for England when the marines went down oposite the Snow and gave 3 Chears which was returnd [126] 
and on Suttday the 27 att day Light she waid anchor and ran down the harbour she was again Cheard by the marines which was returnd by the Ships Company and thar was two partys of men Saparated which had Spent 4 years together in the greatest Love and frindship as Ever men did in Such a distant part of the globe
Both by officeers and men she was than accompanyed down the harbour by the Governer and all the Marine officers which when thay parted The Saluted them with 9 Guns which was the Last Honour as Could be Confirrd on them and on Mundaay att 6 in the Morning The went to Sea and may god Send them a good voige I Pray
on the munday night of the 28 8 men with 1 woman and 2 Chrildren Convicts toke a kings boat of 6 oars with a large quantity of Provisions which thay had got from time to time by work and a new Seene for fishing with us large quantuty of Carpinters tools of all Sorts for Enlargeing the Boat with beds and Mathackmattick instruments and Cumpus New Sails and Masts and oars and 6 stand of Arms and Evrey thing that was nesarry for Making thare Escape which was Excuted betwen the hours of 9 and 12 [127] it was Supposed that thay intended for Bativee but having no vessell in the harbour thare was no Persueing them so thay got Clear of but its a very Desparate attempt to go in an open Boat for a run of about 16 or 17 hundred Leags and in pertucalar for a woman and 2 Small Children the oldest not above 3 years of age but the thoughts of Liberty from Such a place as this Enoufh to induce any Convicts to try all Skeemes to obtain it as thay are the Same as Slaves all the time thay are in this Country allthough thare times are Expired for which thay are Sentanced by Law thare is no differance between them and a Convict that is jest Cast for transportation [128] 
Munday May 30th 1791
this day arived his Majesties armd tender Supply from Norfolk with Captn Lt Jonstome and Lt Creswell and one Serjt Corpt 1 Drum and 21 Privt and Lieut Kellow under an arrest The has been 10 Weeks Since The Left this Place wich is Longer by a mounth than any time Ever she was before
Sattaday June the 4 1791 this day being his Majestys Birth day the marines was Drawn up att 12 oclock and fird three volies of Small arms and in Honour to itt the Governer
Gave Evry man one lb of Pork and one of Rice and to Each woman one of Rice and of Pork and to Each Child of Rice and Pound of Pork [129] 
Munday June the 20th 1791
This day William Summons A marine Departed this Life after a Long Sickness and Buried in the Evining in a milertary form
Sataday July the 9th 1791 this Morning att 7 oclock the Signal was made att the South Head for the mary anne a ship from England with 144 Wemen Convicts who anchored in the Cove out Sun day att 2 oclock and gave an account of the Gorgon of 44 guns with 10 Sail more being on the Passage for this place she has beets 4 mounth and 10 days from England Landed the women munday
Sunday July the 17 1791 this Morning Wm Godfrey A marine being Sentry att the wine Siller opened the Lock and drew off Some wine and was taking Prisoner By the Patroles and was Confind and on munday he impeached on Wm Roberts and Wm Norris marines as being accomplicis with him for 3 mounths Past in Robing the Celler for which thay ware tryed by a Criminal Court on Tuesday but not being Sufficuan Everdence thay ware acquited all Though Every Person thought them Gulty and Godfrey was tryed by A Court Martial when he was Sentanced 800 Lashes and to be Drumed out of the Corps as A Scandle to the Corps he belonged [130] 
Wedensday July the 27th 1791
This day James Chsapman Joseph hatten and Jno Cross Convicts whare tryed by A Criminal Court for House Brakeing when Hatten was Sentanced 500 Lashes Chapman Death Cross was acqquited Chapman was Excuted the next Day
Munday August the 1st 1791 This day arived the Matilda Transport from England with 250 Convicts and 18 of the NSW Corps and one Subaltan The has been 4 Mounths and 4 days The Saild with the fleet [131] 
Munday August the 8th 1791
this day Saild the Maryann for Norfolk Iland with Convicts and Provisions 
Sataday August the 20th 1791 
This day Arived the Atlantic Transport with 200 men Convict and Privt and 1 Serjt of the NSW Corps and on Sunday arived the Sallamander with 200 men Convicts and 18 Privt of the NSW Corps
Sunday August 28th
This day Arived the William and Ann with 200 men Convicts and 16 Privt and 1 Sarjt and 1 Corpl of the NSW Corps 
September the 4th this day Saild the Sallamander with Convicts and Provisions for Norfolk Iland and on the 8th ariveed the Maryann from Norfolk
Sepbr the 20th this Morning the flag att South head was hoisted and A Large Ship Seen but the wind being contrary The putt out again [132] 
Wedensday Sepbr the 21st 1791 this day the Colours whare again hoisted For the Same Ship which was Seen yesterday which proved to be HM Ship Gorgon of 44 Guns The anchored with in the Heads and Came into the Cove the next day The brought Governer King Passenger and Stores and Provision for the Settelment
Sunday Sepbr 25th 1791
This day the Colours was hoisted for the Queen and Active Transports with Convicts and Souldiers for the Reel and arived in the Cove the Next day
Munday october the 10th 1791 This day the Colours was hoisted for the Albermer Laden with Soldiers and Convicts she has been 8 Weeks from the Cape of good hope and arived in the Cove the 13th the Same day Arivd the Britainaic with Soldiers and the Convicts and the Barronton hove in Sight but was Drove off by A Strond west wnd
Munday october the 13th 1791 This day the Non Commisoned officer and Privates in the Detachment gave their answer who would Settel in the Contry of New South Wailis when A great Many tured out [133] 
Sunday october 16 1791 This day arived the Barronton Transports with Soldiers and Convicts the day following arived the Sallamander from Norfolk all well
Munday october 24th 1791 This day 29 Marines was discharged from the Kings service to be Settelers att Norfolk Iland the same day Saild the Matilda & Maryanne & Wm & ann when some Convicts made their Escape the day following Sailed the Britainair she Saluted with 7 guns and was returnd by the Gorgon with 5 att one the Gorgon Salluted with 21 Guns in Honour of his Majisties ascescion to throne
Wedensday october 26th 1791 this day Saild the atlantic with Govnr King and Captn Partison with Some Soldiers of the NSW Corps and the Settelers and to Procied from thence to Bengall for Provisions for this Settelment
Munday octbr the 31st 1791 this day Embarkd on bord HM Ship Gorgon Lieut Creswel of Marines with 1 Serjt 1 Corpi 1 drum and 20 Privt to do duty [134] 
Wedensday Novbr the 2d this day Saild the Qsseen for Norfolk Iland with Ships to Relieve Major Ross and Return the this Plase with the Marines with all Expidition
Thursday Novbr the 10th this day arived the Britainaia from a Cruis havein cawght a whale the first that was Ever Caught on this Coast
She was intiteled a 1000 Bownty for the first fish
Sattaday Nvbr the 26th 1791
This day saild His M armd Tender Supply Brig for England Lieut Creswell of Marines on bord with the Dispatches
Monday decbr ye 5th 1791 this Morning Arived the Queen from Norfolk Iland with Major Robert Ross Commandant of Marines and the Troops from that place and Landed the following day when a Company of Marines Concistawn of 1 Captn 3 Lieuts 4 Serjts 4 Corpls 2 drums and 50 Privt was detained to Stay in this Crountry until the arivall of the Remainder of the NSW Corps [135] 
Tuesday decbr the 13th 179 this day the detachment of Marines doing Duty in this Coleny over and above the Company detaind and the Settlers Emdarked on bord HMS Gorgon for England
Sunday decbr 18th this day Saild HMS Gorgon for England with the Above mentioned People on bord
Trhursday Janry thee 5th 1792 this Day Sailed the Barrinton & Queen for Norfolk and from thence to lndiea on their way to England att the Same time Sallamander and Britainaia Saild on the fishing trade
Tuesday Febry the 14th 1792 this day ariveed the Pitt Indiman with Major Gross of the NSW Corps 1 Captn 2 Leiuts 1 Ensign 1 Adjunt and I CompY of men and 400 Convicts Saluted the town with 13 guns [136] 
Sataday Febry 18th this day a soldierir belonging to the New S Wailes going to bath in the Salt water was unforteateley Drownded and Was buried the Next day
Sataday March 17th 1792 this Morning att 6 oclock thee Troops in garrison was under arms whin Slap Fran Grosses Commision for Lieut Governer of this Iland was Read and the Troops was Revieued by his Exiclenecey the Governer the Colours of the N S Wails was Displaeyed for the first time on this Ground
Satarday April 7th 1792 this day this Pitt Sailed for Norfolk Iland and from thince to India on her way to England
Thursday April 5th 1792 This day Captn Lieut George Johnstomte of the Marines began to Enlist out of the Company of Marines into the NS Wailes Corps for 5 years hee was to Raise 35 men for A full Captns Commission
Munday June the 4th 1792 This Being His Majesties Birth Day the New South Wailes Corps fired 3 Volies in Honour thareof When His Excellincy the Governeer gave Evry man on the Iland Half a Pint of Spirits and Every Woman A gill Bond and free alike
Wedensday June the 20th 1792 this Morning the atlantic Transport Arived att this Place from Calcuter in Bengali Laden with Provisions The has a great deal of Bad weather
she Givs an accoumt of Brian and the people that Left this in the Kings Boat on the 28th of march 1791 that thay arived att timor A Duch Settelment that thay ware taken put in Irons and sent so England Prisoners whence its Likely thay will be all Excuted I have not leart How long thay ware on thare Passage [138] 
Thursday July the 26 1792
this day Arived the Britaina Captn Raven from London Laden With Provisions and stores for the settelment she has been 6 mounths on her Passage
Sunday August the 19 1792 this day Atlantic Saild for Norfolk Laden with Provision and Stores for the settelment.
Sunday Sepbr 30th this Day Arived the atlantic from Norfolk she gave a very unfavourable account of that Place Thar is no Indian Corn been thar Last Season thay have been on very Short allowence some time Sevaril of the Marines settelers Came from that Iland to Enlist into the NSW Corps thay say that sevaral that Staid behind had not Indian Corn sufficient to plant thier Ground that thay have Clear and the Convicts have not had A Pound of flower for Near 6 month allthough the Soldiers have had 2lb per Week the Convicts have been allwais forced to take 2lb of Weett so that Iland wich was Reconed the most flourishing of any Iland in the World all most turns out to be the A Pore Mersable Place and all manere of Creuelties an opresion uesed by the Governer floging and beeting the people to Death that its better for the pore unhappy Creatures to be hanged allmost then to come under the Command of such Tyrants and the Govner behavs more like a mad man then a man in trused with the Govrment of an Iland Belonging to Great Bretain. [139] [140] 
Sunday octbr the 7th 1792 this day arived the Royal Admiral Indiman Captn Bond Leden with Convicts Provisions and Stores for the settement she had 4 mounth Passage from England and 5 weeks only from the Cape of good hope.
Wedensday the 24 this day Saild the Britaina from this Place for Riojanario and the Cape of Good hope to fetch a Cargo of Provisions and Stock for the Gentelmen an officers of the Settelment taken up att their own Expence
Thursday the 25 this day Henry King a Child of 20 mounths old the Son of a Soldier in the NSW Corps was unfortuneately Drounded in a sawpit which was Left open.
Thursday Novbr 8th 1792
this Day Arived the Phealadelpha a amarican Brig Laden with Provisions for Sale which was Bought for Goverment [141] 
Sunday the 11 this Day the wind Blowing hard the atlantic Parted her Cabel and Drove A Shore on the Rocks but happyly was got of again without any Damage after Lying 2 or 3 hours
Tusday the 13 this dey Saild the Royall Admiral for Chinea and England
Sunday the 18 Arived the Kitty Store Ship Leden with Provisions and stores for this Settelment 27 Wemen 2 men on bord.
Wedensday Decbr the 5th 1792 this day the Remainder part of the Detachment of marines under the Command of Lieut Jno Poulden Embarked on bord the Atlantic transport for England Amidst all the Acclamaitions of a large concours of People when Evry mark of Joy and Respect Shown by the NS Wa Corps after being 4 years and 10 mounths and 8 days on Shore in this Crountey when we have been 3 parts of our time on Short allowan and hardships very much has been undur gone as must be Expcted by Settelen a new Colleny [142] 
Friday the 7th this day bent Sailes and getters Every thing tn Readyness for Sea
Munday Decr the 10th 1792 This day His Excelencey Arther Philip Governer and Commander in Chief and Captain Genaral in and over his Majste Terrotoryes of New South Wailes Embarked on bord the atlantic for England when the NSW Corps was undur arms and Paid him all the Marks of honour
Tuesday the 11th this Morning att 3 oclock began to wheay anchor and att 7 undur way Sailed out of the Cove accompanyed by all the Principels officeers of Settelment the wind att SW a light Brease [143] 
att 9 oclock between the heads officers Parted from us and gave 3 Chears and Returnd the Same past 9 the Revt Mr Johnstsns boat Came along Side with Some things and unluckily got Staved which Greved me to the hart to See the boat of my frind So hurt as not to be Sarcely able to Reach to the harbour att 10 filled with a pleasent Brease att Night fresh Gates Split the Main top Sail as to the State of the Colliny att this Present time Seemes far Better than att any time Since the Settelment was made as Sevaral Ships has lately arived from Europe and Likewise haveing had a good Season very good Crops of Corn are Expected the weat was fit for Cuting and the Indian Corn Looked very Promising the Crountey is Evry whare Coverd with Wood whare fit for Cultivation and by a Great Deal of troble of and fatige that its Cleard as Evrything must be done by men as thare is No Cattel in the Crountey
fine Clay for Bricks so that Buildings are Carried on hear fast all the Convicts are in Brickt [144] 
Huts but not a place Didacated to Divine Worship amidst all the work
Wedensday thursday and friday Prety Clear weather with fresh Breases the wind att SW Steard SE by S
Sattaday and Sunday the 15 and 16 Clear weather with Light Breases Wind att S by w Steard SE by E
Monday 17 Clowdey with Rain in the Morning fresh Winds att WSW Steard S by E after Noon Clear the wind att SW att 4 in the afternoon Split the Gib in Latt 39 South
Tuesday 18 thick Clowdy weather with Rain the wind att SW Steard S by E in Lattd of 43:7
Wedensdey Cleare weather with fresh breases the wind att w Steerd S by E until 12 oclock in Lattd of 47 South att 12 Steard E by S the wind att W by N with Rain [145] 
Thursday Decbr the 20th 1792 Thick Hazy Weather with Rain Steard E by S thee att W by N
Friday 21 Sattarday 22 Hard Gales the wind att W Steard E by S Clowdy with Rain unbent the fore top sail bent another in Lattd 50 South
Sunday 23 Cleare with Light Breases the wind att W Steard E by S unbent all the Stay Sails and unreved all the Riggen Rain and Squally att Night
Munday 24 Squally with Rain the wind att North Steard E att Night the wind att NE s. ESE in Lattd of 53:23 South
Tuesday Decbr 25 Cleare in the Morning with Light ares att SE this being Christmas day His Excellency the Govrr gave Evry Mess in the Ship a joint of fresh pork and some punkin and 1/2 a pint of Rum to Each man Rain in the Evening the wind att N Steard E by. . [146] 
Wedensday 26th Hazey with Rain fresh Breases the wind att WSW Steard E by S in the Evening Clear with Lighte Breases att West Steard E by S 
Thursday 27 and friday 28 Clowdy with Rain and Squally the wind att West Steard E by N friday Night Caried away the fore topmast Standing Sail boom
Sattaday 29 Sunday 30 Dark haz . with Rain the wind att N by. Steard E by N day breaks now att a Quarter past 12 att Nights and does not Close untill within a quarter of Eliven So that we have att this time 22 and daylight out of 24 but all waes Rain thare is 17 hours Sun
Munday Decbr 31 1792 Dark Hazy weather with Rain fresh Winds att N by E Steard E by N
in Lattd of 54 28 South [147] 
Tuesday Janry 1st 1793 Dark Hazy weather with Hard Gales the wind att NW Steard E by N this Morning att 4 oclock a very Heavy Squall att 1/4 past 5 Saw at large Rock of Ice to the Southerd very high very Cold Heavey weather all day Shiped Sevaral very heavey Seas duren site day att Night att 1/2 pass 9 Saw a very Large Iland of Ice Lay to all Night att 2 oclock Nax Morning Made Sail Saw the Iland Runing from N to S for 30 or 40 Miles
Wedesday the 2d Clear with fresh Breases the wind att WSW Steard E by N this Morning saw a great many Ilands of Ice att least 60 or 70:23 being in Sight att one time was forced to run Right in amoungst them to get away from them Steard ENE in Lattd of 57 48 South
Thursday the 3rd Clear with fresh Breases the wind att WSW Steard E by N saw Great marty Ilands of Ice in Last of 55 38 South [148] 
friday Janry 4th 1793 this day Clear in the Morning with Light Breases the wind att West Steard E by N att Night site wind att NNE Steard East with Rein very Hazy saw Saverall Ilands Ice
Sattaday the 5 Hazy with Rain in the Morning with fresh Breases the wind att North Steard ENE att 12 oclock the wind att west Steard ENE in Lattd of 55 20 South
Sunday the 6 Clear weather with Light Breases the wind att west Steard ENE Saw no Ice the Lest 24 hours Light Shours of rain all night
Munday the 7 Clear weather and Calm in the morning att 10 oclock Light winds att South Evry day Mending the Sails of the Ship
Tuesday the 8 Hazy weather with Storms of Haill and Snow Light winds from South to SE by E Steard from E so NE dureing the Last Mounth we run 4500 miles [149] 
wedensday Janry 9th 1793 Clear with Light Winds att SSW Steard E by N att Night heavey falls of Snow in Lattd of 54 24 south we Recone ourselfs 1300 miles from Cape horn
Thursday the 10 Clear with Light Breases the wind att SE by S Steard ENE att Night Squally with Showrs of Snow in Lattd of 54 7 South
friday the 11th thick Clowdy with Showrs of rain and snow the wind vearing from SE so East Steard from ENE to NNE att 9 att Night fresh Gales of wind att SW Steard E by S
Sataday 12th thick Clowdy weather with fresh Gales of wind att wSW Steard E by S Squally with rain and Snow 290 Leages from Cape Horn
Sunday 13 Munday 14 Cleare with fresh breases the wind att WSW Steard E by N the munday 570 Miles distant from Cape Horn Squally will Rain and Snow [150] 
Teusday Janry 15 1793 Clowdy with fresh Gales of wind Steard ENE E Squally with Rain Haill and Snow made A Run of 220 miles the Last 24 Hours which brings within 350 miles of Cape Horn
Wedesdav 16 Clowdy with fresh Breases the wind att WSW Steard ENE 1/2 E bent the Gib and foretop mast stay sail and Drivn within 180 miles of Cape Horns in Lattd 55 47 South 150 mles distant by obrsavtion
Thursday Janry the 17th 1793 Clear Morning att 1/2 past 2 made the S west part of the Iland of Terry dele fugo very high mountainous Rockey barren place although in the Midts of Summer yet the Land was Covred with Snow att 5 oclock the wind att NNE with Rain Steard ESE att 1 oclock fresh breases the wind att Wast Steard NE att 10 att night [151] 
Cleard Cape Horn att 11 very Heavey Squalls with Rain and Wind Cape Horn is Sutiated in Lattd of 55:52 south and 67:37 West Longitude
friday Janry 18 1793 Hard Gales of Wind att WNW Steard NE by N att 4 in the Morning very Heavey Squall Hended the topsails being Her majesties Birth day the Govr gave Evry Mess a joint of fresh pork and 1/2 a pint of Spirits per man
att 3 oclock made States Iland on the Larboard bow att Night Came up with it
Sataday 19 Clear weather with fresh Breases the wind att WSW Steard NNE 1/2 E in Lattd of 54:10 South
Sunday the 20 Clear weather with Light breases the wind att WNW Steard NNE 1/2 E att 5 in the morning Saw a Small Iland bareing E by S att 9 Saw the Ilands of Jaspan Concistain of 7 or 8 in Number Saw a Sea Eliphant Lying on the Shore with a great Numbr of Seales thease Ilands lie A Small distance to the Southerd of the fauklands Ilands [152] 
att 1 oclock Saw the faukland IIand Sailing along Shore all the afternoon the Iland seems very Leavel with hand Some Hilllochs and green patches very Pleasent this Iland is Sutuated in the 52d Degree of South Lattd and 63d Long West
Monday the 21 Clear with Light Breases the wind att West Steard N 1/2 West Saw great many wild fowl vry smothe water
Tuesday the 22 Clear in the morning with Light Breases the wind att NW Steard NNE in lattd of 47:42 South att Night Rain and Squally
Wedensday the 23 Clear with fresh Breases in the Morning the wind att WSW Steard N by w att 10 oclock Calm att Night the wind att NW by N Steard N by E
Thurrday 24 thick Hazy Wind with Light breases -the-att NNW Steard N
friday 23 Hazy in the moring with Light winds att West Steard N by W in Lattd of 42:36 South Calm att night
Sataday 26 thick foggy weather with Light Breases the att East Steard N by West [153] 
Sunday Janry 27 Munday 28 1793 Clear with Light Breases the wind from NE to NNE Steard from NNW to NW
Tuesday 29 Wedensday 30 Thick dark Squally weather with very heavy Rain thee wind att North hove the Ship two under the main Topsail and maide Sail Sevarall times in the 48 hours in Lattd 37:59 South
Thursday 31 Morning very heavey Rain with hard gales of wind att North Steard ENE att 12 Clear with fresh Breases wind att WSW Steard N 1/2 E very heavey Sea from the Nward
friday Febry 1st 1793 Cleare weather with fresh Breases the wind att SW Steard N 1/2 E in Lattd of 34:46 Calm all night
Sattaday Febry 2 Clear with Light aires form south East steard N 1/2 E in Latd of 34:00 South att Night with fresh Breases the wind att ESE Steard N 1/2 E
Sunday 3d Hazy with fresh Breases att ESE Steard N 1/2 E att 9 oclock Saw a Ship on the Leabow att 1/2 past 10 Came up with her she proved to be the favouret of Nanticket in amearicaa she has been 17 mounths from amaricaae been on the Cost of parru on the South Sea fishing trade [154] 
She was well Ladan with oil she had 90 tons of palmacity oil on bord she gave an count of the Sallam ander the willm and ann and mary anne and Britainaia wailers from port Jackson being all well on the Cost of Parru in august Last and Like snide of the Matilda being Lost on an Iland Near otheitea the Ships Company being in their boats for 10 days and then taken up by ship bound to the Cape of good hope and Likewise of the Britainare Captn Raven he spoke to him 14 days past Near the River plate bound to St Catherines she had put into the Iland of New Zealend for 3 weeks
she Landed 12 men with the 2d mate to Secure Seales Skins and furs against the time of the Return of the Ship to New South Wailes this day in Lattd of 32 South and 42:15 Longtd West
Munday 4 Tuesday 5 Wedansday 6 Cleare weather with fresh breases the wind att ESE Steard from N by E to N by W
Thursday Febry 7th 1793 Cleare with Light winds att ESE Steard NW by N att 4 Saw the Land the Easterd of Riojanaro att 10 made the mouth of that harbour att 2 oclock Came to anchor Near this town
friday 8 Clear weather this day began to water the Ship [155] 
Sataday Febrd the 9th 1793 Cleare weather this day sarvd fresh Beef at 2lb per man per day watering the Ship
Munday Febry the 11th this day Arived the St Andrewe brig from bristol bound to faullands Iland a fishing and on the Sataday following was joun by a Ship her Companion been 10 weeks from England
Thursday 14 being on Shore ashwedensday by Reason of our gaining a day by Comeing Round Cape Horn I went a Shore on Leave and had the pleasure of going through all the Romish Churches which are very Grand and Magnficient in one was 4 alters and in Each alter the virgin mary with our blessed Savour in her arms with 7 Candlesticks and 7 Candles burning att Each alter and Round the Church Stood all the Heads of the Patrichs of old the Church Gitted with gold and Savaral Elegant Branches and it being the first of Lent thay went in Possesion Through the town with all the images in statu the first was our Savour on the Cross and in front walked 8 young Lads dressed Elegant in Silks and Sattans with Diamonds and Jewels with wings on their Shouldars in Imatation of the Blessed angils in Heaven Each Image being 10 or 12 or some 15 feet in Heiaight and Each Caried by 18 or 20 men after him Came St Peter St Paul and all thee Saints which thay Hold Sacrad in thare Church to the Number of 15 Different Stands and between Each Stand went one or two of the Immaganary angils of which was 30 in Number and in the Rear was an arning of Crimson velvet Carried by 8 or 10 men with Stands on poles under which went 2 or 3 pressts and in the Senter was one with Personates the pope of Rome and on Each Side of the Street went 2 or 300 men with Large wax tapers 3 or 4 feet in Leanth and about the bigness of my resst but so Great is thier Idolatry thay kneel down when Ever any Images Pass them in the street and att Every Corner of the Street is the vergin mary with our Blessed Savour up against the Housses att the Sight of which thay Cross themselfs across their breasts with thier Hands and worship them and in Stead of Looking to Jesus Christ as A Compleat Savour of the world thay Look to the virgin mary as in a manner for her to Incest upon him to Save them which is a thing so absurb that is Enough so make a prodstant Shuder att the Thoughts of and So much Prosumtion I Saw wen on Shore as I Never Saw in my Life and the Ignorance of the Lower Class of people makes me to pity them for the preasts in still it to their minds that Let them do what Ever thay please and Come to them and give them Such a Sum of money thay will give them absolution and forgive them all thier Sins but if thay Have no money to give to fee them thar is No absolution for them and so thay must Die in their Sins such absurdity it must be to think that any Mortal on Earth can Have Power to forgive anothers Sins when thay have not Powr to forgive thier own or to Live without itt in the world for I may Say with the aposstal Paul that we all have Sined and Come Short of the Glory of god So I may quort the Same Apostall in another place that there is No other name Given under heaven amoungst ware by we Can be Saved but by in and Through Jesus Christ of Nazereth O that the trew knowledge of his Blessed Gosspel may be Spread abrord through the world and all popish Ignorance be done away is my Herty With and Sincier Prayer (the whole of this place is only a kind of a prison for Neaither Merchant nor tradesman is allowed to go but Such a distants from thee town under pellenty of being Sent to the mines for Life and an English man is not allowed to go 20 yards from the water Edge without a Soldier to gaurd them for fear thay go beyound thee Limits allowed what a diffrence is there between this place and old England whare any person may go to any parts of the kingdom without being Called to an account for it [156] [157] [158] 
Sattaday Febry 23 this day arived the Rattler Captn Colnett of London gave an accunt of Great disturbensers in England and Every Prapareation of war with the french Shee had 6 weeks from England she was bound on discovry and a fishing
Tuesday 26 this day arived the Meadeator of London Captn Glasspoole she has been on the water fishing on the Cost of Brasell and Sprung a Leak and all her people very bad with the Scurvey and was greatly distressed
Sattarday March 2d att 4 this morning whieaid anchor and droped down to the Roards the Same Evening the 2 boats got adrift and Sent to the Portegease Ship to get thm next day the agent bought 6 guns 12 poundrs
Monday March the 4 this day wheaied anchor and Saild got out side of the Sugar Lofe but being Calm droped anchor till night and then whead again and Run out the wind Light att ESE Steard South [159] 
Tuesday March 5 1793 Clear weather with Calm att 12 Light winds att ESE Steard NE by N att 4 tacked Steard S . . in Sight of Riojanarro harbour
Wedensday 6 Calm all day att Night Light winds att NE Steeard ESE
Thursday 7 Clear weather with fresh breases the wind att NE Steard SSE this day att 1/2 past 12 Departed this Life Mr Samuel Brown third Mate of this Ship of a Dropsy he was aged about 40 years and buried att 6 in the Evining when Mr. Thomson Surgoen read the Buriel Cerremoneys this day Saw Some dolphin and flying fish
Friday 8th Clear with Light winds att NE Steard ESE att Night tacked Steeard N by E the wind att E by N
Sattaday 9 Clear with fresh Gales att E by S Steeard NNE Clowdey att Night
Sunday 10 Clear with Light Breases the wind att SE by E Stieerd NNE in Lattd of 23 :34 South Longtd 40 West
Munday 11 & Tuesday 12 & Wedansday 13
Clear with Light Winds ESE Steard NNE Wedensday James Gable [160] 
Latly A Convict att Botany Bay was punised With one dozen Lashes for Neglect of duty and disrespet and Contempt to Mr Probett 1st Mate of the Ship and afterwards both Legs in Irons and on Bread & Water to England
from Thursday March 14 to Munday the 18 very Squally with fresh Gales of wind from NNE to NNW Steard from East to NE a deal of Rain
Tuesday the 19 Clowdy with Light Winds att NE by N Steard E by S and Continued with the wind from the Northerd untill Sunday the 24 with Squally weather Steearing to the Easterd
Munday March 25 Clear weather with Light Breases the wind att E by N Sterd N by E this day Spoke the flora of Boston bound to the Pascific oscean she Saild from Boston on the 16 of Decbr Last Commanded by Captn Mayo she has had the winds from the Southerd all the way and we have had the wnds from the N thease 3 weeks past in Latd of 19:22 South and Longtdd of 17:40 West [161] 
Tuesday March 26 1793 Clear with Light Breases the wind att East Steard N by E aut 12 in Lattd of 17:21 South this day Patrick Mr McMahan a marine was confined by Lieut Pouldon for Repeated irregurlar behavour Drunkenness and unsoldier Like bahaivour
Wedensday 27 Clear with Light Breases the wind att E by S Steard N by E att 12 in Latd of 15:47 South afternoon Wind att NE Steard NW by N
Thursday 28 Clear weather with Lighte Breases the wind att E by N Steard N by E in Latd of 14:30 this afternoon the Ships Company was quarterd and Excercised the Great Guns for an hour att Night fresh Breases the Boy Thos owen punished with 6 Lashes
Friday 29 Clowdy with fresh Breases the wind att East Steard N by E in Latd of 11:54 South
Sataday 30th Clear with fresh Breases the wind att East Steard N by E this day Exersised the Great Guns in Latd of 9 30 South