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1-033 (Original)

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author,male,Scott, James,un addressee
Narrative Discourse
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Private Written
Scott, 1792
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I Ordd My Rum to be Stopd.
Saturday May the 19th 1787 at 3 Gills day
Serjt. Hume's Wifes Stoptd. Sunday 20th May & his Stoptd Sunday 27th May 87
by his Owne Order 
54co Michl Redmans Wifes Grog Was Ordrd to be Stopt by Lieut Maxwell Monday
Tuesday - May 21st 1787 - Which Was Complyd. With the 22d. May, 87.
ordd. to have her Grog 23d. June 1787
It was After the Centinals Was Relevd. for Eight OClock
That. Mr Maxwell Ordrd Michl Redman a Centinal to take his great Coat off Which Redman Repld. he Was Sentry [...] [1] 
Monday 14th The Hyena Frigate Towed the Charllotte Transport into the Fleet. As She Was A Great Way a Stern All the Fleet in Sight With, little Wind. But fare Down Channel
Tuesday 15th Seen the Ediston Light House Distance 3 Leaugs
Wednessday 16th at P,M, it began to blow fresh as Wee Cleard the Channel. & Contineud till Next Morning;
Thursday 17th Moderate Weather; Wind foul; - My Wife Was Sea Sick from the 14th to the 17th at. AM; A Great Number of the Woman, on Board being Sea Sick - 
Friday 18th At P.M. it began to blow fresh from the Southward
Saturday 19th Wind Contineud fresh, With Rain; ye Fleet. All in sight. - 
Sunday 20th Fare weather With a fresh Brees At. West Same day at P.M. the Hyena Friget parted the fleet & Returnd to England, & Our Capt Was Ordrd to Send One Mrs Holt. a Midshipman Wife Belonging to the Sirus On Board the Hyena for a pasage to England - The Commadore Ordd 2 Male Convicts from the Scarbr,o Transpt. on Bd the Prince of Wales As the was, the Ring leaders of a bought Number that intended to Rise & take the Ship - 
Monday 21st Fare Weather 1787 [2] [...] 
Monday 28th Do being in Latud 36°.8'. N Do 
Tuesday 29th the having No Observation on Bd Ps of Wales The Commadore Ordrd the Supply to Go. A Head to Luck out for Land, As Wee Ware About, the Latud of Medara - Wind Fare 
Wednessy 30th Seen the Island of Madera at. 6 A.M
Thursday 31st Seen the Island of Gomera Bearing S.W. 7 or 8 Leauges, Dis, - little Wind Gomera, leys in North Latd 2815' Lon. 17°.8' Subd to Spain - [3] 
1787 At. Sea
Friday June 1st At. 9 OClock AM. Owr Dms Wife Was Delevered of a Male Child - Little or No Wind 
Saturday 2d Being in Latd. 29°.46' North. Had Little or No Wind
Sunday 3d Seen the land of Tenareef Erley in the Morning; - Came to An Anker at 7 Oclock in the Road Sted of Santa Cruse in the Eving & like Wise All the fleet, After a pasage of three Weeks from England, - At Tenareef - 
Monday 4th The Long Boat Was Got Out. Nothg Extrordry; - peack Bearing W.BS. A 12,
Tuesday 5th I And My Wife Went on Shore At Santa Cruse, With leave from Governer Phillip - 
Wednessdy 6th Nothg Ex,
Thursday 7th The Spanards had a Rejoising Day & Fired Several Guns On the Occasion
Friday 8th Notg Ex.
Saturday 9th A Court Martial Was Held On Bd the Alexander; On A Marine, - Conserg Liquor. Aquited - 
The Fleet having Compld thier Watring &c. the Commadore Made a Signel, A Blue Flag With a Yellow Cross, At. the Main Topgal,t. Mast head, With a Gun, for No Boats to Go On Shore On Ane Account - A Convict that Made his Escape from the Alexr Transpt At. this port. Was taken by a Corpl & Six prts 
june, 1787 Prince of Wales At, Tenareef
Saturday 9th Got. Our Long Boat in. & Everey thing in Rediness for Sea - 
 I Wrought. to My Frend Mooney & to My Mother in law, in England By A Brig Bound for London
Sunday 10th The fleet, proseeded to Sea At. 5 OClock in the Morng
Prince of Wales at Sea With the Fleet. - Little or No Wind Remains Between the Islands of Tenareef & Grand, Cannarey Which is About. 15 Leagues a part.
Monday 11th Between the 2 Islands
Tuesday 12th Fare Wind
Wednesy 13 Nothing Ex
Thursday 14 Do Do
Friday 15 Crossd. the Tropick of Canser About 2 Oclock in the Afternoon & the Usual Seremoney Was performd, With those that had Not Crossd. The Line before, - Which Was Ducking Lathering With tar Grase &c and Shavd.
N.B. the Seamen performd this Seremony But the Marines Would Not, be Allowd to Do it ordr Mr Maxwell Our 1st Lieut of Marines - 
Saturday 16 A Strong N.E. Trade Wind
Sunday 17 Nothg Ex
Munday 18 At. 8 OClock AM the Supply Brig [5] 
June, Munday 18th Made the Signal for Land, - The Commadore Made the Signal for the fleet to prepare to Ankor At. P.M Seen the Island of May,
Tuesday 19th Past. the Is of Mayo one of the Cape De Verd Islands - A.M Seen the Is of St Jago Came Close to the Bay of Prince Supert, But. the Commadore Would. Not Go in, Wee All Expected that he Would, - At. P.M. Stood A Way to the Southward All the fleet in Sight. - 
Wednessy 20th In Latd. B.O. 13°.17', N. Wind E.B,N the Fleet Steering South. - 
Thursday 21st Notg E,x.
Friday 22d. Do
Satarday 23d. Little Wind With Rain
Sunday 24th Mr Maxwell & I Went on Board the Sirrus; With Arthr Dougherty & Robt Ryan; Whome Lt. Maxwell Compld. of, for being Insolent & Disobedience of Orders; the two Marins Was left on Board the Sirus as prisoners that Night, - 
Monday 25th Major Ross With proper Officers Came on Board the Prince of Wales With the prisoners, for a Court Martial, - Turn [6] 
June 25th Monday Dougherty Was Aquited Ryan Was Sentinced to Receve 300 lashes Which Was Immeditly put in Exacution.
But he Recvd only 175 - By thier Accounts on Board the Sirus this Day the Was in Longatd 22°.50' West; - Latd. 8°.34' N,
Tuesday 26th In those Lat,a,ds Little Wind With Calms, & Squals of Rain With Thunder & Litning At. Times, - 
Wednessy 27th the Cheef Mate Caught a Shark, The Same Day, A Young Kid that Was On Board Went. in so the Oven, &, All, though the Oven Door Was Open it Did Not Come Out, But Remaind till it Was Burnt to Death,
Thursday 28th Squals of Rain With the Wind At South. - Latd. 7°.33'
Friday 29th Wind South. Latd. 7°.27'. the Comdr Spoke to A Portaguies Ship, - 
Saturday 30th The fleet. in Sight With the Portaguies Ship in Company, Wee have Not, heard on Bd the Pr of Wales Where the Portaguies Ship is Bound to, As Yet. - Being the Last of the Month. parted Mesing With Serjt Hume On Acct of His Wife having Some Objection - 
July Sunday, 1st One of the Convicts Was Delevd of a Female Child at. 4 AM. [7] 
Sunday July 1st Latd. B.O. 6°.49'. N. fleet, in Sight. With, the Portaguies Ship, & Wind at. South, Westerly
Monday 2d. AM she Portaguies Ship parted Compy With the Fleet; - Fare Weathr,
Tuesday, 3d Notg Ex, Wind Fowle
Wednsdy 4. Latd. B.O. 6°.16'. N, Fare Weathr One of the Seaman Struck 2 Dolphin Wind S.S.W. - 
Thursday 5th Latd. B.O. 6°.l'. N. the Signal Was Made. for the fleet. to Bee put On An Allowance of three pints Water, day
Friday 6th Latd. B.O. 5°.39' N. At. P.M. the Supply Spoke to A English Sloop Bound to Folkners Islands 
Saturday, 7th Nothg Ex Latd. 5?7'. N. Wind fowl
Sunday 8th Latd 4°,-45'. N. Seen A Ship. Supposed to be from the Coast of Guinea Bound to the West Indies, By the Course She Steer'd, - 
Monday 9th Latd 4°.5'. N
Tuesday 10th Latd 3°.34', Arthr Doughertys, Wife Was Delevered of a Boy - 
Wednesdy 11th Latd 3°.6' N. Cap! Ball of the Supply Brig, Came on Board, And took one of the Apprentices, on Board the Brig, for Stricking the Second Mate. - 
Thursday 12th Capt Ball. Came on Board With James Porter the. Aprenticee after. [8] 
Thursday July 12th Being on Board the Sirius, Where he Recvd One Do,z Lashes
Davis's Child that. Was Born May 9th 87, - Died, - L. 2°.36' N
Friday 13th Latd 1°.22'. N - Wind S,E,
Saturday 14th Latd 0°.22'. N. Lon,gd
Serjt Kennady being Disguised in Liqr And Abusing Seviral people in the Ship; About 4, or 5 OClock in the Afternoon he jumpd. Down the Main Hach Way Upon My Wife As She Sa,t at Work Just By the Lader. Which Caused a Great Fright. And Like Wise Hurted her Greatley. In Consaquence of this & other Abuses, Serjt. Kennady Was Confd. With A Centinal Pleased Over him.
Same Day About. 10 OClock at Night. Wee Crossd the Eaquater. In About. 20°. West. Longd
Sunday 15th The Usual Seramoney Was paid By the Seamen, On Crossg the Line; Latd. 0°.26'. South Mr Maxwell Wrought. for a Court. Martial for Serjt Kennady Respecting Corpl Goughf. And Other Irregularities; By the the Supplyes Boat. As the Surgon Came On Board to. [9] [...] 
Friday 20th Latd 6 55,' S. Our Ship Not Sealing So Well, As When Wee Left. Englang. She Was so Leeward And a Stern With all; in Consaquence of this the Commadore Sent the Supply Brig to Let us Know that he was Greatly Displeased that. Wee Could Not Keep to Windward - In this part I seen An Extrordnery Fish, the like I Did Not. See Before; - As I Sat on the Spritsale Yard this fish Represented its Self; - Which I. Expected to Strick At. With the Greans, But. Could Not. Get a Stroke at it,
Apereed to be about 9 foot. Long This fish I Could Not find the Name of, All though, Some Experienced Seamen, See it, that. had been often in those Sea's - 
Saturday 21st Lard. 7°.59'. S. Wind E. Course South. - 
Sunday 22d. Latd. 9°.3'. One of the Seamen Struck Three Beneta, the Capt, Sent. Me Half of One, Which Made A Good Dinner for the Mess. - [10] 
July. 23d Monday No Observation; Heavey Showrs of Rain. With fresh Breses. at. E.N.E Course South. B,E, Fleet, in Sight
Tuesday 24th Latd B,O. I 1°.51,' S. Fair Weathr The Carpenter Being Imployd A Caulking the Jolly Boat, on the Booms, In Canting of Her, She Slipt of, & one of the Female Convicts Recvd. a Violent Blow on she Head. About one OClock PM of Which She Died 30th Inst.
Wednessday 25th Latd 13°.27', S. Longd 26°.15' W,
Thursday 26 Latd 15°. 12' 5; - Longd. - Wind E.B.N. Course S 1/2 W. Squals Wish Rain At. PM the Alexr Transpt hove all Back in a Squall, for She lost A Man Over Board; (Reptd by Suply Brig; 28th July)
Friday 27th Latd 16°.41', 5, Wind S.E.B,E, Cours S.B.W Squalls With Rain, Fleet in Sight Verey Heavey Squals in the Night, - 
Saturday 28th Latd 18°. 10'. South. Commadore Bore A Way, S,W. for Rio; Supply Brig Sent, By the Commadore to Let us Know that. thiere Was a Small Island in the track that Wee Was Gowing; - Fair Weather; - 
Sunday 29th Latd 19°.35', S. Longd 33°,12'. W, Wind E.N.E. Course SW. Fare Haild the Supply for the Assistance of a Docter for the Woman that Was [11] 
Sunday 29th Hurt; Tuesday the 24th July - Mr White Surgeon Was Ordrd to Come on Board Next Morning, (But. prevented. By Carring Saile)
Monday 30th Latd 20°.37' 5, Wind, N.E.B,E Course S.W, - Jane Bonner, convict Died, 1/2 p.2, P.M from the Hurt, that She Recvd the 24th, Inst. Buried At. 6, P.M
Tuesday 31st Lat 21°.50'. S. Wind N.E. - Longd by Sirius 36°.8'. West. Course W.S.W - 
Wednessy 1st At. 6 A.M the Commadore Hoist A Broad penant; & ship being Fresh painted
Latd 22°.37'. South. Course West. Wind N.E Longd By Sirius 37°,47'. W
Thursday 2d The Commadore Spoke a Portaguies A,M, Ship that Had Lost Her Mizen Mast & Lost. Sight of her at. 11 AM. - Supply Brig Sent a Head to luck Out. for land, 
Latd B.O.23°.5', S. Wind N.B,E, Course W.B.N, Longd 40°. Odd Supply Made the Signal for land at. 3 P,M Steerd W.B.N. till 8. P M. then Sterd W.B.S. till Morning Cape Frio Baring West. 12 or 13 Miles Distance at = 5 P.M. [12] 
Augt 3d Friday Little Wind As. AM. Steerd W.B.N.; a Long Shore, Signal Made by Commadr to Ley too At. 5. PM. off the Entrance of the Harbour it Bearing N.W.B W
Saturday 4th Signal Made at. 5 A,M so Make Sail With Larbourd tacks on Board, - Light Breeses at. W.S.W.
Stood of & on. having little Wind & Being so Leward With All; - 
Sunday 5th At. P.M. Brought. too In Side of Rasor Island & Round Isl,d; In 22. Fathom of Water - Roi Janero Road
Monday 6th Got. on our Way With the fleet & pas,d the fort Opposite (the, Suger Loaf) Where the Commadre Salluted With 13. Guns Which Was Returned By the Portagues, (13 Guns) Brought too at. 8 OClock P.M
Tuesday 7th Shifted Our Berth & Went further Up towards the town, the Night that Wee Came in, the Commadore Was Honered With a Grand Elumination. at. the town Ankred in 20. Fathom Water Moored: by Signel [13] 
Augt 7th Tuesday Arrivd. With, the Whole fleet, After a passage of 8 Weeks & one Day from Tennareef. & 12 Weeks & 1 Day from England On Our Arrival the fleet, Immeditly proseeded so Overhall thier Riggen &c - 
Augt. 15th Wednessday A Court Martial Was held on Board for the tryal of Michl Toulan & Jno Banisford. for Getting Drunk & Abusing the Officer (Toulan for Abusing the Officer Banisford for fighting With Toulan)
Saturday 18th Toulan Recvd. 175 Lashes Sentesd. 300. Banisford Recvd. 50 Sentinced 50
Friday 17th Orders Came on Board that. Thos Chapman privt Was Made Corpl in the Room of a Corpl that Was Reduced on Board the Frindship, (Commencd pay the 15th Inst.)
Thursday 9th Serjt Kennaday Was Ordred on Board the Allexander Transp. By Major Ross: Serjt Clayfield from Allexander in his Room
Friday 10th I Went. On Shore for fresh Beef, & Recvd a fall Just. onMy Landing Which Hurted My Arm -