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1-029 (Original)

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You are, sir, pleased to express your regret at my being obliged to return to England on account of my health, and I feel much satisfaction from the manner in which that circumstance is mentioned.
How far that part of your letter to which the above alludes may have been intended to convey to me his Majesty's permission to return, I am doubtful, and although I am inclined to think it has been written with that intention, and feel how necessary it is for me to give up, at least for a time, the charge of this Government, which is very far from what I wish to do at the moment, the colony is approaching to that state in which I have so long and anxiously wished to see it; still, sir, I fear there is a possibility of its being expected that I should remain until permission to quit the Government is more fully and clearly expressed; and as there appears to be a wish that I should remain in this country some time longer, I shall await the arrival of the next ships. [52]