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1-009 (Text)

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Connell, 1980
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Head Quarters - Port Jackson
At a Meeting of two of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the Territory of New South Wales - 19th Febr. 1788. - Present - David Collins, Esq . - Augustus Alt Esq'. - Mary Jackson, a Convict, was brought before them, charged with detaining a Shirt, a Pair of Trowsers, and a new Frock and a Pair of Stockings - the Property of Edward Dease, a Seaman, belonging to the Lady Penrhyn, Transport.  
Edward Dease, a Seaman, being duly sworn, deposes that, he gave the Articles mentioned in the Charge to the Prisoner, Mary Jackson, for the Purpose of getting them washed, on or about last Tuesday night - giving her at the same Time 1/2 a Pound of Tea to satisfy her for her Trouble - and some Soap to wash them - On Saturday night last, he procured a Pass from the Master of the Transport, to go on shore, and get his Things from the Prisoner, who told him at first, that they were lost out of the Tent but that if the Corporal (who was sent with the Evidence) would go with her, she would endeavour to find them - that, when she came to the Tent, she said she would not restore them, giving at the same Time much abuse - that the Evidence, not being able to get his things from her, went away - returning again on the next Morning, applying to Major Ross - who sent a Private Man to the Prisoner, with Directions to her, to deliver the things or he would send a File of Men for her - that the Prisoner, would not comply with these Orders, & a File of Men was sent for her - that then she gave up the Things, first cutting or tearing the Frock, & throwing the other Things out of the Tent & that he then returned to the Major, and informed him of his having got his Things, producing to him the Frock where it had been cut.
(Two marines give evidence of having gone under orders to seize the clothes, which Mary Jackson eventually gives up, under protest.)
Mary Jackson, being asked what she had to say, says, that Dease gave her the Shirt - and told her, the Frock she might have for a Shift, if she would bleach it, and the Trousers, she might have to mend her Stays - that she told him she would mend whatever he had that wanted mending, that in Return for the Trowsers he gave her, he asked her for a Canvas Petticoat she had, which would make him a good Pair of Trowsers - that the Stockings he gave her, for a Pair of worn Ones, he had worn often in the Cold Weather - that he asked her often to go on Board with him one Night bringing a Hat and great Coat, to take her off in Disguise - and that she refused to go with him, & that in consequence of such Refusal, he came to demand his Things of her - that she told him she would speak to some of the Officers & tell them her story, & if they thought she should, she then would give them up.
The Prisoner was reprimanded for not giving up the Things when she was sent to by the Major - and it appearing, that the Prosecutor had cohabited with her during the Passage, had given her the Articles for her own Use, & required them again, on her refusing to go on Board ship with him, she was discharged.