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MÚYA (Text)

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  Maningrida Literature Production Centre, 
Written by Maningrida CEC’s Múrnun Class with Leonie Norrington Illustrations by Michael Camilleri
© NT Government, Department of Education and Training, Maningrida Community Education Centre
Printed August 2009
Produced at Maningrida Literature Production Centre Maningrida CEC Private Mail Bag 67 Winnellie NT 0822
ISBN 1 74087 168 5

Once upon a time in the deep dark jungle there lived a monster. He liked to hang upside down in the tallest trees with his bat wings. He liked to make holes in the ground with his crab kind of claws. But most of all he liked to fly into the nearby Maningrida community to capture young girls with his long skeleton arms and eat them with his deadly sharp teeth.
One night a young girl was playing with her friends. They were listening to music and dancing and walking around. When it was very late at night all her friends said, ‘I’m going home. I have to go to sleep because I don’t want to be tired at school tomorrow.’
  But the young girl said, ‘I’m going to stay up and dance Shekerra dancing. I don’t care about school.’
  So she was dancing and the music was loud and good. She wasn’t thinking about danger she was just dancing and singing to the music.
Suddenly she heard a flapping noise. She thought it was a flying fox and tried to duck down so it didn’t get caught in her hair. But she was too late. The monster grabbed her with his skeleton arms and flew away with her and she never saw her family again.

  Printed by Maningrida CEC’s Literature Production Centre